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  1. Hi folks, who are the administrators/moderators these days? I look at the staff link and most have not logged for months to years. I've sent a PM to the admin who hasn't logged in to check their PMs for a few months. TIA.
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I've got a KSC STI Edge 5.1 silver and recently purchased a new inner barrel for it. However, I have problems changing the new inner barrel. I've already broken the chamber barrel component once due to the design of the barrel link pin, and the chamber barrel being plastic. Now I've received a new chamber barrel from KSC. Can anyone please tell me how to insert the inner barrel/guide into the outer barrel/chamber with the link pin without breaking the chamber barrel again? Here's a link describing my problem in greater detail with macro photos of my issue :- http://www.anakchan.com/STI.html If you've changed the KSC STI Edge 5.1 inner barrel before, your advice is greatly appreciated. TIA, Sean
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