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  1. *Alright befor every one starts flaming me read the hole post* Hey guys im going home to GA to see my family for a few weeks this month. while im there I want to check out some the feilds yall have around there. im looking for the best arenas with a large turnout of players. im going to be on the south side of atlanta but I will drive to the north side to play a good game. Im not looking for a list of places to plat I can find that my self, im look for a place that would fit my likings few things im looking for: large trunout older players no full auto <AT> 400fps, simi is ok large arena thanks for yalls help
  2. I have an ares painted tan both upper and lower . Pm me
  3. If you still have the 12in I will pick one up tomorrow(payday) Also do you happen to Troy battle stocks?
  4. looking for a few parts I have cash in paypal so just let me know what you have thanks looking for: -Troy 13" ris rail -Troy body -Troy battle ax stock -Troy 190rd midcaps (10 mags) -Noveski kx3 flash hider -14" to 16" sliver outer barrel as you can see im about to build a full Troy M4 so if you have anything else that might look good on it offer up
  5. I have a tan one that would work grate it has the neck and shoulder protectors
  6. can you still find amc magpul stuff? im looking for a few thing any help please thanks
  7. im looking for any newer working att phone would like an iphone 4 but im up for anything , must not be broken... let me know what you have and are looking for..I have a lot more stuff this is just some of it
  8. How much u looking to spend I have a big package I would like to sell
  9. would you like a fixer uper ? it work 100% just very low compresson
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