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  1. please check it out here: http://cgi.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=300287438001
  2. I think I stated this in an earlier post but..... The gun shot 305FPS with .23 BB's and green gas (or propane) when I first got it. When the velocity started to drop off I switched to red gas and the velocity went back up to 350 with .23's but it keeps droping. I am now getting only 275 FPS using .20's.... Something is causing this but I have tried all the obvious like leaking mag's dirty barrel, seals, etc. oops! Sorry, that "earlier post was on the Airsoft Mechanics BB. My mistake Copy of that ASM post OK here goes: HFC M190 Special Forces edition, one year old, maybe 750 rounds fired, never abused, stronger hammer spring installed. started it on propane, it shot 305 FPS W/.23 BB's. Velocity has been dropping steadily since new. Normal maint. performed: clean barrel,lube gun W/ sylicone, add sylicone to gas,.. Switched to Red gas about 3oo rounds ago because propane was only giving me about 250FPS. When I first switched it went back up but now using .20's I am only getting about 275FPS
  3. I am TOTALY aware that the trigger spring has nothing to do with velocity. (unlike the hammer spring) I am using the same gas. no leaks in mags...sorry.
  4. While I am sure I can replace the trigger spring myself (with the help of the guide provided) I still need to find a GBB guru to get the velocity back where it was when new!
  5. Trigger spring is broken (of course) and velocity has dropped. Who works on these in SO CAL?
  6. I have a TM MP5K with a PDW flash hider Quick detach. anyone know where to buy a suppressor for this? Also what brand? thanks
  7. Tight bore barrels fire the same as any airsoft barrels fire in heavy wind. Come on we are talking about a .2 something bb here. ANY wind will blow it all over the place
  8. Nice idea but A bit SLOW on response. sorta like my MP5K that you STILL have after 5 months... (smile)
  9. lets see: the battery is new in the chrono. the new spring is harder than the stock one. No leaks...
  10. You must be joking! You can't Braze aluminum! ANd JB weld does not have any strength on that small of an area.
  11. Not to steal the thread but people calling suppresors silencers bugs me just as much. There is no such thing as a silencer outside of hollywood.
  12. Going back to the stock spring is a good trouble shooting idea the new spring seems to hit the valve pretty hard. I think the problem is "somewhere" else. No the spring is not loose
  13. My HFC M190 shot 300FPS w/.23's when I got it on Propane. I have changed the hammer spring for a nine Ball heavier one. it should have gone UP in FPS. it now shoots 265FPS??? I am not sure if the change in FPS directly relates to the hammer spring change since I did not know exacatly WHEN the change in FPS occured. I have a chrono by the way.
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