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  1. Hey, I don't know if you mailed your gun to me yet, but that gun you are describing is MY GUN, and I still do not have yours. If you don't respond to me, I will find you, and it will not be a positive experience. If the gun is in the mail, then please disregard this.
  2. How does the loadout vary for DMs, particularly those using an M14 over a SAM-R? I'm guessing same, minus 'nades, and exchanging mag pouches.
  3. Bought mine on eBay from Major Cobb, and I payed $122 for the set.
  4. Morale patches are great, but don't wear too many or you'll end up on LightFighter.
  5. I've seen quite a few support gunners who wear a BHI ISSAK. It's a safe bet.
  6. MARPAT is worn with coyote brown gear.
  7. Yes it says you can use M14 mags in the internal pockets, and you will fit them in there. The problem is that they will not sit high enough or as securely, in my experience.
  8. That looks like a BHI CRCH, Eagle RRV, etc. They're fairly common. BHI CRCH http://optactical.com/stcoreve.html Magazine Shingles http://cheaperthandirt.com/MOLLE128-48046-1975.html
  9. Goggles, recon wrap, ballcap. For the safety AND style conscious operator.
  10. If you want cheap and light, go for a Tactical Tailor MAV. I bought one for a large event recently, and I loved it. You can even fill it with CTD pouches if you're tight for cash. 1 Piece MAV $48 http://optactical.com/onepimavbo.html X-Harness $32 http://optactical.com/xharnessmav.html Pick your pouches from here: http://cheaperthandirt.com/weaponam_bjhf.htm For under $60, you can get a hydro carrier, 2 dump pouches to serve as dump and util, and an M4 triple shingle. Altogether, for ~$160 shipped, you've got a very usable system that can be expanded on when you need to.
  11. I don't know if it fits a HiCapa, but a belt mounted SERPA with BHI CQC mag holders would work great for you. If you're going to be running, you don't really want a shoulder holster. It'll run you $40 for the holster, $17/each mag holder, but you could easily get a cheaper duty belt pouch.
  12. Woodland MARPAT, but in airsoft almost anything works. Just get yourself some surplus BDUs.
  13. I live in Albany. I play most of my games at TOLCOM, about an hour and a half away in Massachusetts, but there are also games down in the Hudson Valley. There have been a few games at Albany Paintball, and the next one is scheduled for May 20th. Most information about local games can be found at ASNY. If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to PM me.
  14. Looks good, but eat some food so you fill out that uniform.
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