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  1. Yeah man, thanks I was looking into that gun actually before I posted The thing is, I don't want to be a serious sniper per say. I have no long range guns, and when we play sometimes, I spot these awesome sniper hiding spots, but don't have the proper gun. So, I just need a decent sniper rifle to use every once and a while
  2. Is that safe, let alone legal? I mean, how the hell did you play airsoft in a school without getting in trouble?
  3. I have 100$ dollars to spend, and I want to know what the best sniper rifle (with or without accessories) would be for that much money or less. Thanks, Lee
  4. So up at my camp, we have a decent sized back yard that we mess around in and play airsoft. (Don't worry, the camp is in the middle of no where with no other people or house). The back yard is about 100 ft long and 50 ft wide, and has 2 smaller trees and a shed, and a bunch of chairs for the camp fire. The whole yard, except for in the front of the house, id bordered by woods. When we go up for the first day of trout, we stay up there for about a week. Usually, we have 4 people play, but sometimes we can get 5 or 6. I wolud just like to see if you guys could think up any fun scenarios or games that we could play, because Im tired of putting chairs in the yard and runing around like fools playing capture the flag games that last 3 minutes. Thanks, Lee
  5. Wow, I cn't belive people are still posting here! Lol. IF anyone that has recently posted wants to know any more info, send me a message, and I'd be happy to reply!
  6. Is there any airsoftmagazines. when I say magazines, I mean like catalogues and what not with eviews and articles, not like a magazine for a gun. I have heard someone talk of one before, but I need pointed in the general direction. Plus google doesn't work, becasue it just talks about gun magazines. HELP?
  7. http://filairsoft.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl...;num=1103251849 That actually looks half decent.
  8. You know you're obsesed with airsoft when after you're done giving somebody directions to do something or go somewhere, you expect them to reply "Hooah"
  9. Just think. The possibilites in the game would be endless. You could upgrade your guns and gear as you get better. I think that it would be great! Please vote and comment!
  10. hanyo66


    Yeah. Number One. DON'T be afraid to ask questions. Even if you think it's a stupid question. Becasue the only stupid questions are the ones that aren't asked. Second, just go to a lot of airsoft sites and read up and check out the lingo. That's all from me. Good luck!
  11. What kind of gun is it soldier? Most M16's or M4's have a slot somehwere I believe up near the top rail on the left side of the gun that snaps off or slides oper. In there, you can slide the hop up switch.
  12. Please reply people, I know you're reading this. Really, I will value your opinions.
  13. I'm with Leon, that's what I do, just pull the trigger real quick and about 8 come outta mine
  14. I don't like how if you are new to the SITE it puts you as a newbie and then everyone looks at that and says, "oh that kid is a newbie, he probably doesn't know a thing about airsoft." when I bet half of the "newbies" out there know more than some of the privates or whatever.
  15. This is just plain stupid. Cybergun nneds to go out of business.
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