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  1. My TM M1A1 was very reliable and I'd recomend it to anyone over a clone, untill I've seen the clone perform like the real deal myself. I'd spring for the TM and upgrade the spring to a pdi 120-130% and not mess with a 9.6 volt. I beleive the internals are plenty to keep that setup running for a long, long time. If you realy want, you could replace the stock nylon bushings. But, 1) the TM magic-dust realy will wear off at that point because you will have to re-shim the gears, so if you mess up it's on you. and 2)the stock bushings will last a good long time at 300-350fps anyways, so why fix what's broken? Also, the barrel extension needs reinforcing. I've got pictures of it in my reveiw of the gun, just search up that post of mine. It requires a little bit of JB weld which you can get for 5 bucks at a hardware store. It basicaly makes the externals skirmish-proof. As for the range, I dunno about 150ft of accuracy. I beleive mine could have hit at 125 reliably. It was an accurate gun for a sub-gun. The hop-up is very stable, and adjusts so that it won't knock out of place. I think with .25s in it you could hit pretty easy at 150.
  2. "Opticaly big", "theoretic proportions"...you're making this more complicated. If he knows what size the target he's trying to replicate is, he can scale down the one he's making using that formula. You don't need to go into mildots and all that crazy jazz. Say the ispc target is 5'' and you shoot from 25 yards. He wants to shoot from 10 yards. x/5=10/25 Solve that and you get x=2. So the new target will need to be 2'' wide.
  3. Yes, a target will appear twice the size at half the distance. That's what mudpie was getting at. This is proportions, as you learned about in school. x/y=a/b x-near target size y-far target size a-distance to x b-distance to y honestly, if you're doing practical pistol stuff, I'd just use normal size targets. For one, that'll be more realistic for training purposes. Train as you fight, no? Also, airsoft pistols aren't as accurate as real ones. An airsoft gun is probaly going to group like a real gun at twice the range.
  4. MOdularLightweightLoadbearingEquippment It replaced All-purposeLightweightIndividualCarryingEquipment, which is the stuff we used in Desert Storm. Just a tidbit of info. Also, the straps are called PocketAttachmentLadderSystem.
  5. "Worth it" means sometheing different to everybody. Me being something of an airsoft snob, I would never consider money spent on a clone worth it. To others, maybe not so much. I'd say that in general the money spent equipping an AEG with a scope, and a clone gun at that, to be money down the drain. I can tell you that you don't realy need that trash on a rifle. Some people want one, but nobody realy needs it. Now the G&G on the other hand is probaly more quality for the money. And it comes with some extra stuff that's actualy usefull, mainly accuracy and durability. Now if you just want a cheap shooter those qualities might not be on your priority list, but if you were to try to bring the CYMA up to G&G's spec you'd see that the G&G is worth it in dollar terms. Meaning that the CYMA would cost you more money to get up to spec. But the choice is yours after all.
  6. No. It means that that hop-up bucking is only for marui compatable hop-ups. Pretty much every AEG has a marui style hop-up unit inside, unless it's a clone gun or something like that. http://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-327-hop-up...g-fire-fly.aspx @:OP Just make sure you're DMR isn't just built for muscle. You might(probaly won't) ever need 450 fps. Think about saving some money on gears, broken parts, and a high-power spring, and instead going for a stable 400fps, and spend the rest on some Marui .3g BBs. Remember, it dosen't matter if you're BBs are going 600fps, if they're flying over your target's heads. I'd suggest sticking with your Prometheus tightbore untill you KNOW that it's holding back you accuracy. Experiment with different hop-ups, hop-up settings, BBs, airseals and everything BEFORE you go out any buy new stuff. 'Cause accuracy in airsoft is more about building a stable system to work with, not just putting the best parts you can find in a gun.
  7. TM AK was friggin' silent as the grave. It sounded like nothing more than air moving when it fired.
  8. Use the peep sights. The real steel thompson didn't have the luxury of peep sights, you do. TM just included a simple peep sight because it was a minor flaw in realism as the price of a vastly more advanced sight. You might as well use the better sighting system.
  9. Mk.1 Eyeball. Worst nightmare for a sniper. Just tell him to be extra watchfull when you're playing. You probaly won't do all that welll against someone who's vigilant unless you're quite accomplished at stalking.
  10. If I'm shooting at you and you don't duck or dodge, you'll get hit. Semi-auto, full auto, bolt action...simple as that. If people don't want to put their heads down just because semi dosen't sound all that intimidating, that's up to them. They make better targets. Full auto usualy takes the interesting parts out of the game. People can't move very well in a field when there's a bunch of guys with full-auto and as much ammo as a real steel MG camping beheind every bit of cover. No-movement=stagnation=boring.
  11. I don't know what you guys are talking about, but usualy it isn't the neophytes who shoot while out of range. In my experience it's usualy the guys who are pretty serious about the sport and have themselves an TM AEG who are most content to spray 50 or so rounds at anything they can see, wether or not it's in their effective range or not. I can't count the number of guys I've seen that had to reload in order to hit a guy <DON'T POST EMAIL ADDRESSES>120feet or so. I think most people grow out of that. I used to do the same, I admit. But I was doing that when I definately wasn't a newbie anymore too.
  12. I have a KWA G18c, and I just got a new hi-cap mag for it. I filled it with gas and a few BBs just now for a testing. it fired once and then all the gas vented out the barrel. That's something that happens sometimes with KWA G18s...it didn't suprise me. It's because the slide sometimes dosen't return all the way to battery each cycle. When I go to re-fill the mag with gas, I can't get it to charge. When I try, the gas immediately vents out the port on the top of the mag(sorry, I don't know the term). I have no idea what's going on! Did a seal blow? Did I get a faulty magazine? I'm comparing it to my other mag, and I see no differences whatsoever between the two; nothing seems to be broken on the outside. Any help? If I want to return this, I've got to do it in a hurry. I've organized a medium-sized milsim this weekend, it'll be my last airsoft game before I ship to boot camp, so I want everything in working order. So anybody got any ideas?
  13. Realistic? No. Nobody would ever look at a picture of a Dragonov and see any resemalence between that and the JG "Dragonov", which is in fact a glorifyed AK-47. Powerful? No. It's an MPEG. Reliable? No. It's an MPEG Still, you what you're doing with it, it might not be a bad thing. If you mess up the gearbox, you'll still have learned something useful for when you're upgraqding your M14.
  14. That was a good lil' reveiw there...you should post that on shortyUSA or something
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