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  1. Try 3dbuzz.com They have a C++/OpenGL video series for about $150. You can download the first few videos to see if you like it.
  2. Like I said in another thread, I went out to test it last night and test fired it, and it worked!!! SO I don't know what the problem was, but it's fine now! 'Cause I remember for a while that it WAS jammed. But it's ok now!!! w00t!!!!
  3. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Obviously it's not worth-it to do THAT much DIY :D
  4. Of course...that's why I'm researching now :D I've been out of the game for a while since my gun was jammed :( Speaking of which, I charged the battery today, took out for a test fire and it works!!! I don't know what happened, because I remember it WAS jammed. OH well the important thing is that it WORKS!!! Er, so yeah, I'm back in the game now. w00t
  5. That's not what I meant; I meant taking it apart for learning purposes. To build the gun I would buy the internals separately. I thought I would just buy a gearbox assembly and not make that from scratch, but assemble the other stuff along with it. I was thinking of going with a Systema gearbox. If I'm not mistaken the gearbox has the piston and the gears and such? \
  6. true Oh I see. I know what you mean; but I really don't want to take apart my P90, 'cause once you take it apart it's not as strong as it was right? EDIT: I guess I could take apart my Cyma G36, but I would probably want to learn on a high quality product not junk right? :D
  7. Good luck to ya! I'm not sure what you mean by not "using any authentic, serviceable parts"? I'm seriously considering building my own gun...but with "off-the-shelf" internals. I just don't know to make it out of wood or plastic (I have no idea how I would do that), or some foam type stuff. Anyway, I don't think it's too complicted; the major parts are the barrel, gearbox, and battery compartment. Since I know Systema is one of THE best out there, I was going to use a Systema gearbox, despite the cost.
  8. Anyone here ever MADE their own airsoft gun? I mean, I think you could do it, out of wood or hardened foam, all you need is the gearbox, barrel and battery compartment, then it's just a simple matter of wiring them together. Although I've never seen the inside of an AEG before so I can't say for certain...
  9. Well, I have no idea when it happened and I doubt it's possible to find out. I really don't want to have to take it apart... Would it be bad for it to try to put something down the barrel to get it out?
  10. My P90's been jammed for quite a while now; it happened when a friend of mine was over, I let him fire it and it jammed on him for some odd reason. It's been jammed ever since, I just haven't had time to work on it. Is it bad for the gun to leave it jammed? I can see how it might damage the spring or something but I have no idea... Thanks LC
  11. Where did you people get the idea that this was a CA vs. TM thread??? You didn't read my post! I was talking about ATTACHMENTS! And here I get all these performance answers...Thanks Xhado for actually reading my post. I'm smart enough not to start CA vs. TM threads here good gried!! [/rant] What I wanted to know was how are they attachment wise? Are attachments swapable from company to company or does it matter? Can either accept real steel attachments?
  12. How accurate is the TM M4? Is the CA M4 better for realism (aside from the metal body) as far as attachments go? Here's a list of the real steel attachments: Ooooo rah!! (or however you spell it :D)
  13. Anyone watch Stargate? Teal'c duel wielded two P90s once. It was sooo awesome!! And the hero unit Tanya duel wields two pistols in Command and Conquer. Oddly enough though, she has the aim and accuracy of a sniper :D
  14. Amen!! But my dad still doesn't get it. "It's too close to the one you already have with the same functionality." That's pretty much his exact words. Although I haven't done any actual games, so I don't need it as much. But I love the M4. So, like I said, I have the P90 (awesome gun!!!), but I really want the M4. Granted, I don't think I would get a few guns that look pretty much the same; like the M4, M16, and the M733. I can just get a solid stock if I want it to look like the M16 right? I think I'd also like to get the Steyr-AUG sometime. I really want a job that pays well!! MUST FEED THE HABBIT!!
  15. EDIT: Well maybe it is a good gun...but not that good. And which gun are you talking about precisely? Like Simon said, any gun under $100 is crap. If you really want a good gun, then you should save for a Marui, which will be in $350 + range with tax (not counting shipping, because I bought mine from the Airsoft Extreme store).
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