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  1. Didn't get much of a chance to handle KSC SIGs, but a lot of problems relating to weak firing can be traced to a worn main spring (the spring that applies pressure to the hammer, making it snap down on the firing pin). If you can get a 150% upgraded main spring and replace your old one then I suspect you'll overcome this problem. As for your second problem, I would find an o-ring with the same outer diameter, but a narrower inner diameter to keep it locked in place. If that isn't an option, daubing a tiny amount of super glue to the o-ring where it presses against its groove will keep it in place. Use a toothpick to apply the glue.
  2. This is just a hunch but it might be a few things. Dirt inside the sear mechanism, or your main spring's gone soft already, or both. Can you take it apart and give it a cleaning over? This is where I would have started back when I still tinkered with pistols.
  3. Still acting funky? I used to have a Hi-Capa a looooong time ago, and when it ate gas like nothing, it usually meant the o-ring in the loading nozzle got knocked out. That happens when you have a loose o-ring and you're running green gas. Check the BBU, if you haven't already. My hunch is the o-ring has been knocked off.
  4. Just to clarify, use the steel epoxy over the leaks, not inside your magazine. Sealing your magazine with steel epoxy isn't recommended, since it tends to keep your magazine sealed for all eternity and renders it scrap for spares. That or a really expensive paper weight. I repeat, only use steel epoxy if you know what you're doing. Most of the time silicone sealant will do the job.
  5. I've never worked with one of those magazines before, though in the case of leaks disassembling of any GBB magazines and sealing over the INSIDES of where the leak is coming from with silicone sealant is more than enough to stop leaks. Putting the sealant over the holes where the leak is coming from will just allow the pressure of the CO2 leaks to push the sealant off. If you think you know what you're doing and have enough clearance try steel epoxy.
  6. You're going to want to double check that. I don't mean to second-guess anybody here but you should know that in the case of the KJW and TM Berettas, the KJW mags are a bit narrower than the TM mags. It may or may not apply to Hi-Capa clones. You'll be able to fit a KJ mag inside a TM Beretta but not the other way around. It's KJ's way of sneaky marketing alternative mags. I don't know how it is now, since I've been out of the airsoft circle for years, but KJ mags suck. If you use green gas often they literally expand around the sides, sometimes jamming the magazine in your pistol.
  7. You're going to love GBB rifles. I'd always had a thing for gas pistols, and gas anything, though when I first set my eyes upon this G&P WA-based Mk18 Mod 1 rifle, I knew I just had to have it. I can't share much, it's been years since the last time I played an airsoft game, but here are some pictures to share. Before spraying After spraying with desert camo paint
  8. If it's excessive cooling your blowback chamber's o-ring may have gotten dislodged or even cracked, though you'll usually know because 9 times out of 10 the slide will jam with a dislodged o-ring in the way. Though I do recount one time where an o-ring from one of my pistols disappeared completely without a trace. In hindsight I think it got shot out of the barrel in pieces after becoming brittle due to the high spring tensions I was running at the time.
  9. I've known some guys, who in their early years (back when airsoft was run with CO2 rigs in the 80s), used medical oxygen regulators to keep their PSI levels in check. Basically it's a modified regulator with a small CO2 canister on one side and an aluminum expansion tank on the other end which you can then connect via high pressure hosing to your gun's input.
  10. Back in my airsoft heydays (damn, I sound old lol), a slide that gets stuck up like that usually meant that a spring inside the firing mechanism has gotten out of adjustment or some dirt has gotten inside and jammed up against it. Not usually the magazine, but it also meant that your main spring has gone soft, too.
  11. Try taking a hammer to it. LOL I kid. Could it be that the hammer is down and keeping the bolt from sliding out smoothly?
  12. KJ mags are narrower than TM mags, from my experience with them years back so you'll have problems sliding a TM mag into a KJ pistol, but not problems sliding a KJ mag into a TM pistol. It's all part of their marketing to get people to buy their stuff instead of TM pieces.
  13. It's alright, brah. You're forgiven for completely not understanding what I said and what I implied about using spring segments as make-shift retainers. It's fine if you need it spelled out for you.
  14. Sometimes when I need make-shift "locks" or "retainers" for my pistols, I use segments of discarded recoil springs cut to length. Since they're so narrow, they'll usually fit into anything and can be bent to stay in place. Plus, they also make great replacement springs for the TV remote control battery compartments.
  15. If you're planning on getting a metal slide, you definitely need to upgrade to higher output valves, get a 150% recoil and main spring. If the recoil rod isn't metal already you may as well upgrade that to metal as well. If you want extra power on top of that look for a 6.04 or 6.01 mm barrel for added accuracy, plus change of hop-up rubber to get a better seal and withstand the higher pressures of green gas better.
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