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  1. awesome deals. Thanks for shipping my order out promptly! I'm looking forward to the new AEG
  2. Hi ASF, Been a member since 2006, starting to get back into airsofting. What's going on these days and it appears that there is once again a strong presence of teens on the forums haha. Many new brands have come around and improved. Any Bay Area players?!
  3. Kwa makes some of the best 1911 series airsoft pistols. You have an option of Mark I-IV so there are 4 models you can choose from depending on which particular style you like. I personally Like the IV edition. The only drawback is that the magazine only holds 14 rounds, which is mil sim similar (could be a good or bad thing depending on what you plan to do with it) They all shoot roughly 340 fps out of the box and come with KWA's NS2 gas system which is not only efficient, but powerful. You get what you pay for...
  4. Like others have said, some basic upgrades for "newbie/novice" players for your anticipated fps is a nice tightbore barrel (6.03 prometheus is one of the best) and pairing it with a 9.6v battery if you haven't already for some better ROF. If you want to go bigger... stop by a local airsoft store and get them to install some high speed gears paired with a high speed motor. Keep in mind that internal upgrades in such as the gearbox will put more wear and tear, hence parts will be in need of replacing sooner. (especially with a high speed setup )
  5. Definitely the battery. Purchase a new 9.6v battery and you should be good to go. Batteries have shelf lives too so if it was an old 8.4v, then that could be the problem. Always remember to use a smartcharger to unlock the full potential of the battery.
  6. Be sure that you have aligned the selector switch plate from the gearbox with the selector switch on the body. Also take into consideration if the plate itself has been damaged as it is made of plastic and can be easily worn out or down.
  7. I have had a similar problem with my set up ( matrix magnum motor and aimtop gearbox) where air would just shoot out. I would recommend making sure that your battery is fully charged, also try sliding your mag with moderate pressure into the magwell. and occassionaly tap the magzine upwards. I believe the Air nozzle could be a bit too long as well. If you are confident anough in taking apart your gun check out the gearbox position if it fits properly in the body.
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