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  1. Miss Noobie! <AT>Jkwon I personally prefer a 430mm Tightbore barrel, it's a good balance between the power and accuracy of a long barrel and the maneuverability of short barrel. The inner tolerances of the barrel are very important.
  2. It's not, supposedly the bucking is however. You do know it's suppose to stretch over the barrel though right? That's what makes a tight air seal. After looking at the picture you posted I don't understand the issue your having as the outer diameter is the same.
  3. That bucking is for a vsr/bar-10, not a gas KJW. It won't stretch?
  4. Ok so the whole system is not too complicated you just need to examine each part to see how it all fits into place and functions. This is the hop up bucking Notice how there are grooves on the outside and then on the inside of it you will find a small bump or rubber H. This fits into the open notch cut into the barrel and is what makes contact with the BB. - Here is what the barrel looks like and the notch is where you want the inside bump of the bucking to protrude. - This arm is what applies pressure to the hop up bucking from the hop up assembly and is adjustable by lever from the outside. - And finally this is what everything should look like assembled, I know that I didn't give you step by step directions but first grasp the mechanics of the system and then problem solve until you see where every part fits. Good luck!
  5. In the same boat, didn't really get much from the half broken links. Can someone explain? :P
  6. Haven't tried the R hop yet but hear good things about it. If you don't get it than go for a 9 ball, easy upgrade. I would focus on some minor DIY air-seal and flow mods next but a tightbore barrel would be a great next step. Once those 2 things are sorted you should focus on reliability upgrades like trigger sears. 530 FPS is plenty already, is that chrono confirmed?
  7. Most likely a problem with your sears, open up the trigger box and see what the diagnoses is, Report back! Pics are welcome!
  8. Yeah, and you won't look like bigfoot walking through the forest, those things don't blend. And all of the ghillie on the front will get caught in every little thing you come across. Look at how a real ghillie suit is made and used, than look at these...
  9. Haha this is a fun thing to do as long as you don't let it get out of hand haha, most people who do so flaunt it off to everybody and they can't keep control of their somehow massively growing kill count so it gets a little out of hand. I don't keep count. If I did I would probably etch a mark in the stock or something hardcore everytime like bleed on it. Rofl jk
  10. If you are on a budget I would recommend digging up some old DIY mod threads. One of my first bar-10's I got to chrono 510. For free. Now take $15 to get a nineball bucking and you've got yourself a decent rifle. By doing this you'll want to build an even better rifle which you can do so by either pursuing renoman's guide or by using my personal preference of polarstar and EdGI parts. That's the beauty of upgrading, you can build your rifle however the heck you want ;)
  11. Pick and pull I have more parts laying around in other boxes
  12. Correct the m24 not an "R700"... Anyways enough bickering on my end, you can't blame me when you come across so many video game warriors on here. I would reccomend using a teflon cylinder and maybe a short pull kit so that your rechambers are quick and easy. Also I would keep a light spring and pair it with a tanio koba twist barrel w/ nineball bucking. All those parts paired in a g-spec body with like a long eye relief dot scope would be the perfect BADMR setup. My .02
  13. I have a nice pair, can send them tomorrow. Also I have about everything in the list...
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