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    Classic Army CA36C Custom Built HK416 (Built from a Well R6 to save money) Classic Army M15A4 Rifle Tokyo Marui M14 KWA G18C Soon to be: Some form of a G&P M4 (or a Systema PTW if I have the money) CA AUG A1 The new CA SR-25
  1. Kryptik your gun is ridiculously sexy.
  2. No airsoft gun can shoot 100 yards. Some of the higher powered (700 fps) and higher priced ($700) sniper rifles can reach out to 60-70 yards, but these are not real rifles, they won't have the same accuracy or range.
  3. CaptainPlastic, please stop. Your style of posting is unneeded.
  4. Yes, glass-fiber and fiberglass are the same thing but they use different names to imply that they are for different uses. Glass-fiber is usually mixed into some other sort of material like polymer to reinforce the base material, and fiberglass is usually melted or compressed together without another base material to make things more lightweight like surfboards and house insulation. The CA would feel like a surfboard or house insulation if it was made of fiberglass, and thank Allah it doesn't.
  5. What the hell? The CA36 is NOT made out of fiberglass, it's glass-fiber POLYMER. Come on, Xhado...
  6. I know a lot of girls that play airsoft. Sadly though, none of them are attractive. :/
  7. Actually that's the CA, not the TM. Ironically enough that's what I'm going to do once I get enough money.
  8. That's all that can be done now. At least we tried.
  9. Almost every gun in existance has plastic on it. If you can't deal with that then this is the wrong sport for you. Go play paintball.
  10. I can sell you an upgraded M324 with tons of extras for $120.
  11. Which would be pointless since you can just do some hard-wiring and use a PEQ box for an 8.4v 2200mAh double nunchuck.
  12. I wouldn't get a CA33E because there isn't much after market support for it, so just wait for the G3. I agree with you on that one.
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