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  1. I'm interesting in several external parts from the ics mp5 if your interested.
  2. Heya people. I haven't really played airsoft this past year due to time constraints, so I've decided to sell my stuff and wait till I have more time on my hands for this hobby. Aimpoint not included This finely tuned and maintained P90 is outfitted with best parts available: $50 Tanio Koba twist barrel $13 1J Airsoft Surgon spring $18 Prometheus bushings $11 Guarder Nozzle $15 Systema spring guide $25 KM Feather Weight Short suppressor $5 Deans connector All these parts add up to a very consistant 1J of power which maximizes the accuracy of the TK barrel. The accurate range is similar to a gun firing .2s at 380fps from what I've seen, HOWEVER, the the bbs don't go crazy at the end of their flight path which allows you a bit more range. Also, the barrel itself was a bit longer than the gun + flashhider so there is a short suppresor thats only a few centimeters longer than the original flashider to cover it. Total price for a new one just like it: P90TR from AirsoftGI $260 + goodies $397 I'll sell it for $250 + applicable shipping. I can use any shipping method you want (short of hand delivery), so we can work it out through PMs to get exactly what you want. If you notice the awsomesauce pouch in the pictures, you'll notice it holds 4 mags well and you can fit a 5th in if you want. It is the bane of every P90 owner to find a storage method for spare mags, and this one works admirably. It has a top flap with a brass snap enclosure for the ultimate in durablity and functionality. I have seen people trying to stuff P90 mags into Armalite pouches only to have them fall out at the worst time possible. Don't let that be you. $15 + applicable shipping The 4 addition mags in the pictures are for sale seperatly at $20 apiece + applicable shipping. The battery in the 3rd picture is an 8.4v with solid G&P cells and Deans wiring. The ghetto looking rubber bands actually keep the battery perfectly in place within the stock, so there is absolutely no rattling or shaking. I have never ever had any heat issue of any kind either. $10 + applicable shipping Aimpoint pictured is not for sale. Obviously, if you buy alot I'll be more generous on the pricing and shipping. Buy the whole lot and you'll probably get me to pay for the shipping lol. The only trades I could possibly consider would be a VFC SCAR, Black
  3. Bump Now taking offers to part out stuff.
  4. Not quite yet. I'm deliberating on an offer
  5. Its a fair offer, but I'm not really looking for another gun, except possibly a VFC SCAR.
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