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  1. I've got two guns for sale here, both of which are pretty cool! All prices include shipping within the continental US! JAC M16A1 with Box Mag- will come with a conventional magazine in case you'd like to switch over from the box mag - $350 Marushin Slugster- BOY is this thing one of the funniest pieces you could field. It started life as a regular Marushin Slugster and was converted by one of the most well-known members of the old ClassicAirsoft.net forums into a hilarious terror- the gun was gutted, and then converted to use external gas, fire full auto, and have 3 BB tubes in the magazine tube so you can fire for a LONG time and reload pretty quickly if you need to. -$425 OBO
  2. I've got a few guns here for sale, all prices include shipping to the continental US! Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom- comes in the case with all parts, barely used! $150 Marushin Raging Bull 8mm 8.375" barrel Ver. - Is missing a hew screw on the underside of the outer barrel that keeps it from sliding off the outer barrel. Also has a small scuff on the ".44 Magnum" that you can see in pictures. $275 Tokyo Marui SR16 with a few custom parts- Magpul CTR stock, Magpul PTS magazine, First M16 Strike Kit (the cool-looking piece at the front). The gun has a metal SR-15 upper on it, but I cannot remember the brand for the life of me, TM Eg1000 Engine, stock internals, and a G&P one-piece Hopup- $300 shipped
  3. Hey guys, last few thing sin my collection going up for auction here. First up is a Tanaka M24 SWS..has the PCS bolt. Comes with one cartridge style magazine. There was a bit of wobbliness in the front of the barrel, hence the black tape in picture one..you can remove if you like, doesn't make much of a difference. Other than that, it takes and holds gas, and shoots hard as hell. Has a BEC Gold label 3-9x50 Lighted reticle scope on it, will include that for $50. All prices are shipped! With scope- $800 Without scope- $750 I also have a VFC MK43 Mod 0 coming up, asking $1000 shipped, but it is on hold for firemanj92
  4. Bump! JAC M16 w/ Box Mag JAC M16 w/ SP M203 JAC Barnes M655 Maruzen CA870 G&P M870 All still for sale! Make an offer!
  5. BUMP! Price changes and stuff! #1) WA Gigant MKII- SOLD! #2) JAC Barnes M655 Custom- $300 (Internal gas reservoir, can also use external rig) #3) Sun Project Muzzelite Bullpup SOLD! #4) WA Beretta Cougar Warrior- SOLD! #5) JAC M16 with Sun Project M203- $400 (Internal gas reservoir, can also use external rig) #6) JAC M16A1 with Hi-Cap Box Mag- $300 #7) New! G&P M870 Long (Folding stock version) $270 :This gun is a very powerful all-metal shotgun made by G&P...spring powered, fires very hard at approx 360fps and with a capacity of 22 bbs. Comes in the original box with the original documentation as well. #8) New! Maruzen CA870 Charger Metal ver.- $220: Internals are upgraded from the factory to approx. 400fps. Fetauring full metal construction, with a 40rd. magazine capacity; There are small scuffs on the edges of the body (pictured), but mechanically, the gone works incredibly well.
  6. SOLD!! Thanks for playing, boys and girls!!
  7. Well, if you clicked, you should know about this gun! ....My Asahi Blaser R93 is up for sale here, pretty much mint, there's a small scuff near the tip of the barrel and some very small rust spots near the bolt, but the gun works beautifully and look awesome. Comes with one mag! Price: $1250 shipped!
  8. Selling a few more of my guns here...these are for sale on eBay too so they could go quickly, but I'd prefer to sell them on here if I can. All prices include shipping! #1) WA Gigant MKII- $350 #2) JAC Barnes M655 Custom- $450 (Internal gas reservoir, can also use external rig) #3) Sun Project Muzzelite Bullpup- $250 #4) WA Beretta Cougar Warrior- $200 #5) JAC M16 with Sun Project M203- $550 (Internal gas reservoir, can also use external rig) #6) JAC M16A1 with Hi-Cap Box Mag- $400
  9. I've listed this on eBay, so it could go any time...so if you're interested in this, jump on it now!
  10. Yeah, he removed it minutes after I reported him and sent him a message. He kindly responded by telling me he was just trying to feed his family, that he was going to report me in retribution, and to "keep my finger out of his nose". What a fine classy gentleman. Be wary of him trying to relist rare airsoft guns under other aliases in the future though!!
  11. In the next few montha I am going to begin selling my airsoft collection but a very kind member on here alerted me that a seller (phishfan35) on eBay has listed my Sheriff Spas 12 on ebay....even using the pictures I took and posted on here. It is obviously fake!! I will let yo u know when this gun actually does go up for sale. In the meantime, report this !
  12. That was actually my next step in a few minutes! I know there's a ton of people, Paul included who would love to get their hands on this.
  13. I did goof on the numbers, I realized after the fact haha. I knew that didn't sound right when I wrote it. I'd love to sell it on eBay, but I hit the maximum dollar amount of stuff I can sell for the month of November unfortunately, but honestly I'd rather it go to someone in the CA community than get a few extra bucks out of it.
  14. It pains me to do this, but I've been out of collecting for some time and it's time for this gun to find a new home. This gun is one of, if not the rarest ones out there. I believe 25 of the regular ones and 15 of the DXs were ever made. I don't remember the exact history of this gun, but I do remember that it hardly fired at all when I got it, and I never put a single round through it, but aside from changing the o-rings in it, it should be still ready to go. Unfortunately, in a shipping fiasco, UPS but a scratch in it (pictured) which I have not gotten around to repairing. That truly brought tears to my heart, but honestly, it's not a big scratch and could be repaired. Other than that, this gun is exactly the way I got it almost 5 years ago, in almost perfect condition. Granted, it's a very old gun, so there is a tiny bit of rust here and there, but nothing that is really noticeable, and all could be cleaned up. As far as I know, I think Darryl_Zero and I have two of the (maybe) 3 or 4 that exist in the US, and here's your chance to get one. Priced at $3000 shipped. Firm. I have this listed in a few different places, so this will probably sell quickly. I'd prefer to sell it to the ASF community though, so jump on this!! :-) For those of you that remember my collection (it's been a long time since I've been on here), the rest of it will be going up for sale very soon, so if you have a gun that you'd like to buy that you see I have (My Asahi Blaser R93 or Asahi M60E1 SDX, for example) , make an offer! On to pics! (more on request)
  15. sorry about the crappy iphone pics, but here you go! If you need any additional pics, just ask! Yes, it will come with the ammo belt pictured...the rounds appear to be deactivated 7.62 rounds, with the first three cut down to a 5.56 size so they will fit into the feed cover. The rail on the feed cover is custom as far as I know, but is rock solid.
  16. Like the title says, I have a VFC MK43 Mod. 0 in it's box still, complete with a railed feed cover and the BB/battery box that I have no use for, and am looking for either an Ares Cheytac M200 or an Ares DSR-1...preferrably a black M200, but throw up some offers...I will pay for shipping. Pics have been taken, and are going up in a few minutes.
  17. Needs moar internals! Seriously, after dealing with my APS-2 and seeing how quickly things inside start to bend/warp/snap with FPS numbers that high, you might want to reinforce the outta every single internal that has stress on it when you :censored2:/fire it. Unless teh OK kit came with said parts, I don't know about that specific OK kit.
  18. I'm sorry, did you just imply that one of the nicest Dragunovs ever made was not good for a match? What would possess you to say that, Im wondering?
  19. Yeah, TK's GBB M4 and AK arent out yet, but expect lots of tiny parts and not a very high power level either due to the new power restrictions in japan, but the recoil does look impressive, here are some videos http://www.taniokoba.co.jp/toygun5min.html
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