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    uh i got a ca m15a4 cqb
  1. Inspired by the T1 guy on the MOH Warfighter art, FYI I know that Operator, cool dude, and I could care less about all the manta strobes and other small non essential airsoft stuff. Kit looks good, functions better. Airborne. Yeah I know this guy =D
  2. list of invited people/organizations AIRSOFTGI- BOB/TIM- GI CREW - confirmed AIRSPLAT - LARRY/THOR - checking EVIKE MATT/JUDY - checking AIRSOFTMEGASTORE- checking AIRSOFT EXTREME- checking AKILLEEZMIGHT PS3 TESTER SEASON 3 CHAMP/USAF SECURITY - confirmed DAVID B JOHNSON - SABER OPS - COMBAT FACTS GAME TRAILERS- confirmed PYRAMYD AIRSOFT - TOM HARRIS - confirmed JET DESERT FOX- confirmed Infidel Airsoft - confirmed KWA USA - confirmed BLACKOUT ARMORY - confirmed CONDOR OUTDOOR - confirmed MECHANIX WEAR - supporting WARFIGHTER AIRSOFT - confirmed JO GARCIA / Playboy gamer girl next door - checking SOURCEFED/Meg Turney - checking FREDDIE WONG /CORRIDOR DIGITAL - checking Danger CLOSE games EA (Medal of Honor Warfighter) - checking REPS FROM THE STATE CAPITOL AND THEIR FAMILIES RESPAWN entertainment - checking (call of duty 4 / mw2)
  3. Hey guys. I have been away from Airsoft Forums, BAAL, and airsoft society for AGES. well here is where I have been shooting video with airsplat.com with the E3 MOH Warfighter shirt, also pics from MLG, E3 2012 ETC PLAYBOY MODEL /GAMER JO GARCIA SC VILLAGE /insight w Milsimjunkie KWA USA, Tom Pyramyd Airsoft/ evike asgi etc Airsoft in JAPAN/ With friends and against the Japanese army (JGSDF) ETC SC VILLAGE GAME DEC 16 Now that youve been caught up. im having a HUGE game AT SC Village, with these folks
  4. LIL OFF topic but for right now heres some good pics from today, will bring out the a-tacs next time. SPARTAN117GW =D
  5. looks cool. but your boot blousers are uh well it looks a bit sloppy. tidy up and ur gooda go!
  6. very nice gents very nice. I like the kit on the right 99999 times more =D
  7. go to tyr tactical .com they sell awesome pouches I think they got ones thatl fit sr25 mags
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