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  1. Hello everyone, I bought a 40mm CAW grenaide launcher for my ak yesterday, and it came with a 168BB show grenade the guy at the shop told me to keep gas in it all the time? is this a good idea, or will it damage the grenade or the valve? thanks stu
  2. Thankyou, I absolutly agree. And nice scope on the m4 stu
  3. Hay man, thanks for the props. And to everyone, the scope on my mp5 was just a spare scope I had hanging around, and I thought it would be more usefull on my mp5 on 3X zoom, then in my closet under a bunch of boxes. I will eventually get another red dot for it, but at the moment, I just spent 500+ USD, On a : Full metal Body, M93A Magpull Stock, And Internal Upgrades., so I don't have enought money at the moment to buy another red dot. Also, Im an English Teacher, so its very easy to settle the argument between bat and bat, and torch and torch. In English there are multiple use words for example: bow * To bow (to tilt ones head) * a bow (bow and arrow) * a bow tie (everyone knows that one of them it) * a bow ( to loop a ribbon) * the bow ( of a boat) Now we have 5 words, same spelling, defferent meaning, now.... how do we tell them apart????? we use CONTEX!!! You read the sentence and chose the correct word in regards to the current wording and previous sentence. And the answer that is the most logical. The item that is used to light dungeons is not a torch anyway, its a Lantern. Torch implies an electric device, that is used to provide light for areas. and is also used in australian and brittish engilsh to as the name for a flashlight. now because of the globalisation of the english language, Torch and flashlight can now be used as the same word. Stu
  4. Sorry my mistake, they are not 140% springs, they are now about 120% ish they were 140%, but I had to get them changed recently to comply with the new japanese airsoft laws. haha if u have a gun that is shooting over 300 fps now, you have to pay a $3000 fine Japans air soft can be described as simply, Speed over power and Spray and pray Haha tell me about it. When we play to make a person admit their hits, you have to; 1) shoot them 2) shoot them again 3) Unleash full auto on them 4) Abuse them in English 5) Abuse them in Japanese 6) Then throw a greande at them ;) then they might admit they are hit.
  5. In Japan the MPS is set at 99.8, which is just less then one jule, or about 297 fps in america (with .20) so all scopes are completly pointless as you can only fire a BB about 45meters at max. so even dot sights arent very usefull. Pretty much in japan with the new laws about airsoft. All sights are just 'furniture' thats it. And everyone one here uses Hicaps only, lol, noone here has even heard of a low cap. stu
  6. Hello all, Here are some pictures of my airsoft collection in japan. (called survival game) I Have: TM M4A1 RIS M203 Internal Modifications: * High speed Gears * 140% Spring * EG1000 Motor * Tight bore Barrel * And all the other componets that comprise a (Hyaite) Upgrade External Upgrades * TM M203 * M93A Magpull Stock * Full metal mody * Duel 450 Round Mags * Mag Binder * Laser * Torch * Peq2 Battery Case * 1100 mah Niamp Battery X 2 * Knights 5.56mm Silencer TM MP5A4 Internal Modifications: * EG1000 Motor * High speed Gears * 140% Spring * Tight bore Barrel * And all the other componets that comprise a (Hyaite) Upgrade External Upgrades * Marui Sight mount * S2S Hunting scope 9X * Duel 200 Round Mags * Mag Binder * 3600 mah Niamp Battery * 400mm Silencer TM MP5KA4 Internal Modifications: * 140% Spring * Tight bore Barrel External Upgrades * Marui Mp5 low Sight mount * Short Snub Nose Silencer * Duel 200 Round Mags * Mag Binder * 1000 Mah Niamp AK Battery My Gun Case My Pistols TM Glock 17 KSC Glock 18 WA Colt 45 Maruzen P99 TM M92F Beretta Black TM M92F Beretta Chrome and some more of my M4 Tell me what you think -stu
  7. thanks heeps man, ill do that
  8. ive seen similar, they are ok, the metal gearbox is a nice touch. but for 120 id just buy a marui I can get the TM AUG STYER for $150 USD so id just spend the extra 30 bucks stu don't buy crap, because u will just end up buying TM, or CA in the end
  9. Here is my Collection, there is Top to bottom SPAS 12 GLOCK 17 GLOCK 18 M92F Betertta W/ Silencer, and front mount p99 - Springer WA Colt .45 M92F Betetta Stainless M4A1 RIS M203, with silencer, and a very long new inner barrel (bloody accurate) MP5K, slightly modified MP5A4, Modified, EG 1000, 140% Spring, New Gears, Tightbore, and custom flash hider Thats all my stuff, Im gunna upgrade the M4A1 more, but ill need some more money first tell us what u think stu
  10. so airsoft is legal in korea? (im just double checking) and noone in japan cares about orange tips also
  11. Hi, my friend lives in korea, and I want to post a GBB to him for his birthday, Is it legal to post a GBB from Japan to korea? thanks stu
  12. hi guys, I saw the pic of the sr16 at the TM webpage, and it has a dot sight or something in the pic. when you buy it does it come with a site? or do u have to buy it seperatly? thanks stu
  13. hi ive got a stock TM M92F, and I want it to shoot at 90 MPS (or 0.90 Jules) what parts would I need to install, and aprox how much would it cost? thanks heeps stu
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