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  1. I have a Tm mo7 gbb with three mags let me know if your interested
  2. I have a Tokyo marui mp7 gbb with three mags. Interested?
  3. I have a Vfc scar L that I am selling its basic stock except for the piston shoots 380fps and only about 10,000 rounds through it if purchased I will disassemble clean and degrease it to make sure is ready to go. I can also take pics of internals if interested.
  4. I have a kwa lm4c with 7 or 8 mags with a kwa sr10 ris and genuine magpul mbus sights and mor stock and pistol grip comes with extra complete lower reciever and extra bolt. Got any pictures and what's the exact setup what version fusion engine is in it.
  5. I have a tokyo marui mp7 gbb with three mags. Pm me if yor interested
  6. I have a 2nd gen a km4 s-system lower that is in good condition with a few minor scratches interested?
  7. I have a tokyo Marui mp7 gbb with three magazines gun functions 100% and has normal ware. I'm asking $300 but price is negotiable.
  8. I sent you an email not sure if you got it but I have a almost new( shot 1 mag) kwa sig226r interested?
  9. I have a brand new kwa ATP with 3 mags and a acu drop leg thigh holster I paid $229 for the pistol 3 days ago at my local airsoft store. Comes with regular barrel with orange tip and a extra barrel with no orange tip. Interested?
  10. I have some 120rd pmags I might have maybe 6 but I'm not positive I'll check for sure if your interested.
  11. Are you still in the market for a tm Uzi?
  12. Well I have two pistols that I might be willing to trade I have a fully automaic g23 with 2 standerd mags and one hi-capacity and then I have a WT highcapa 1911 with two 26 round clips I will have both cleaned and expected by experts to make sure all parts in in working order if your interseted let me know and ill throw a thighholster ()right leg and a chest holster with to mag pouches. P.S. is this the split gearbox desigh?
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