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  1. I've taken my guns on the plane before, and it was no problem. I just made sure the mag was out. I didn't have them in any special case, just the box they came in, which was in my regular checked luggage bag. Right before it went through the scanner I just told the guy that I had an airsoft gun in there, and he was fine with it and even asked me what kind. I don't know if I was lucky or not, but when I had called the airline the day before, they said that since it's not a real firearm, all I should do is declare it's an airsoft gun, and it would be fine. EDIT: don't forget, it's a toy. They can't really do anything. And yes, I realize it looks very realistic, but ultimately, even if they go through your stuff, they'll realize its a model replica.
  2. The problem is that plastic slides crack over time with green gas. I'm not sure about the upgrades, but I know there's an AI Flow Restrictor; that might help.
  3. Plus, your spring pistol probably shoots about 200 FPS. No way does it shoot 305. But it's about the reliability, as everyone has said. People don't complain about the performance of TM because there arent any problems.
  4. That was more extensive than I needed, but thanks; it will come in handy. How do I install a tightbore?
  5. How do I get the Hi Capa past the stage where the slide is off. I need to install a new inner barrel. Also, how do I install a new inner barrel (changing hop-up, etc.)? Thanks.
  6. Snipers (single shot only, aka no PSG)=550 FPS, min of 100 ft Everything else=400 FPS
  7. I'm definitely going to try this. Any ideas how it could be better adapted to small sided games (6v6 or so)?
  8. I was at poweredge Hawaii (the walk-in store), and they said there's no threaded barrel out for it yet.
  9. One of my friends came to a game with a brand new wire mesh. As per the rules, I was allowed to fire a couple rounds into it point-blank (I have the strongest gun, an upgraded AUG at about 400 FPS). I poked a hole through it in less than 10 rounds.
  10. Wiley-Xs and occasionally a small mouthguard in bigger games. I've shot someone in the tooth and made their gum bleed...a little closer and I probably would have chipped it.
  11. zzhummelzz


    I wear soccer player's field gloves, because they are thick enough to eliminate alot of painful knuckle shots, but they aren't too heavy to make my hands sweat. They're also very grippy. I've seen people wear batting gloves and a football wide reciever's gloves too. Make sure they're not too bulky.
  12. Try a search; there are loads of topics in the Gas Discussion forum and probably some others ones here by other new users who are too lazy to do their own research. The Ver.1 wasn't good at all due to a heavy slide, but apparently WE fixed that in V.2 and V.3 with a lighter aluminum slides. However, WE is not the best brand; bad quality control, shorter life and worse performance than other guns. You get what you pay for. However, I have read some outstanding reviews; how reputable they are, I don't know. Besides WE, consider a Tokyo Marui or Western Arms 1911.
  13. I doubt that PB nets will keep 6mm BBs in. Also, depending on how small these backyards are, you might need a low FPS limit because things will be cramped.
  14. Don't clutter up my thread with your selling information. That's what PMs are for. UPDATE: I have a lot of potential buyers, but nothing definitive on either gun. First come, first serve.
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