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  1. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.php?showtopic=34956
  2. So this weekend I had the first opportunity to get out and test my new airsoft guns. A good friend of mine from work came over to my place and brought a Crossman Break Barrel that belonged to his brother, and a couple real hand guns. (Please note, I live on a road with very few neighbors, everyone has 50+ acres of land around me, and people regularly fire guns on their land, and it is legal, so this is NOT "backyard airsofting"). Anyway, we had a blast and were target shooting from about 3PM until is started to get dark. We also took turns shooting each other in the back from about 20-30 yards with my airsoft rifles! We were both surprised how hard they hit! Not pain like crying and weeping, but comperable to a bee sting. We were both wearing T-shirts and windbreakers. We did single shots. I'm pretty sure getting hit < 20 yards on full-auto can't be a pleasant experience! Well, he liked the guns so much, he is now considering buying one too. Probably an M-16/AR15 variant to start. I gave him a link to all the quality retailers that I know of, and a link to this forum as well. I told him about the great FAQs here, and how helpful all the members are to newbies (so don't let me down! ) I was telling my cousin about our weekend, and now he wants to come out an check them out. I might have my own little mini-league by the time I'm done showing all my friends.
  3. This post should be pinned. Very good info, and explained in an easy to understand fashion. Kudos to the topic starter and BattlePriest for providing the information to clarify why joules are an important aspect to understand. Maybe pin a copy of this in the "New Members" and/or the "Safety Warnings" boards.
  4. I'm from the Pittsburgh area (west of the airport), although I just got into AirSoft in the last month, and haven't played anywhere yet. One of the board admins, Domskidan, is also from the Pittsburgh area. You might want to look at the "North East" board of the forum, or start a new post there. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.php?showforum=164 Here's a couple links to existing topics about people in the area either hosting games, or looking for other members... http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Pittsbur...d33-t32500.html http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Pittsbur...d33-t32655.html http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Pittsbur...ter-t30993.html
  5. Just overwrote my name with the text tool in the graphics program. I can assure you it's not. I just spent 2 hours tonight making each frame on this animation from scratch. It was based on a concept I saw on a gaming forum years ago, but I used ASF's board of course, and used different animations and such.
  6. This took me longer than I though it would, but I'm pretty pleased with the results! I thought this was a funny little idea to give people who need a visual clue, as to what the one main key to being successful on this forum is... It's a virtual BP, stopping a newbie from getting to the New Topic icon and educating them on the search function!!
  7. BP, At work today, I could see some of the pictures that people had posts, but in other replies all I saw was the words "IPB Image", not picture at all in the reply. Now I am at home, and I see all the pictures, and no instances of the "IPB Image" text. I check my "Board Settings" here, and the "View Posted Images" is set to "Yes". I assume this is a universal setting for my account, and it wouldn't vary depending on whether I am on a different computer, but I can't say for sure, as I'm not familiar with this forum software. Anyway, I'll check that setting again at work tomorrow. FYI, I am using the same browser (Firefox) at both locations, and the same version, so I don't think would have been the problem. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to check my settings at work.
  8. Is it just me, or do you see the text "IPB Image" in the place where it looks like people have posted images?
  9. How do you determine the "joule" rating of a gun? I checked some online unit conversion tools, and "joules" are a measure of energy, where as "feet per second" is a measure of velocity. I didn't see any direct coorelation between then two. So how would you know or calculate the "joule" rating of a given gun? I did see on the Crossman website that I was right about the BBs being smaller, as they are listed as 4.5mm and the velocity is quite fast, at 625 fps. As for Crossman's line of "Soft Air" guns, they do shot the 6mm BBs, and the rifles are rated at 300fps. But the prices were around $60-$70 per gun, so I am guessing they are more on par with the quality of Chinese made air soft guns, like UTG, rather than the quality of guns like TM, CA, etc.
  10. I went to visit my parent's today, and I took along my two new airsoft guns. While I was there, my dad went up to his hobby room and found an old BB gun that I had when I was a kid. I had forgotten all about it. It is a classic Crossman, pneumatic pump rifle, that can shot BBs or pellets. I'm not sure if this is the exact model, but it looks like this: http://www.crosman.com/site/listing/1073 The pellets are little hour-glass shaped pieces of what looks like lead, and the BBs are metal, looks like brass, and they appear to be slightly smaller than the plastic airsoft BBs I bought, although I haven't compared them side-by-side yet. I'm not sure if this gun can fire plastic airsoft BBs or not. On Crossman's website, they have a section for "Soft Air" and another section for "Rifles", which is further borken down into "Air Source", "Break Barrel", "CO2", and "Pneumatic". http://www.crosman.com/site/products/ So I'm curious if these different guns would be considered "Air Soft" or not, and whether they would be allowed to be used in an Air Soft game, provided they can shoot plastic BBs. Also, how does the quality of Crossman's various guns stand up among the Japanese manufacturers? Obviously they have been around forever, but I was wondering how their products compare.
  11. I've always liked Porsches too. A friend of mine has a 944 and we went to a local road course together. I took my 86 (the black one in the picture). My Vette has a good deal more horsepower than his 944, but we were switching off, driving each other's cars, and we were both turning almost identical lap times in the two cars. The Vette handles quite well, but the 944 just handled so much quicker that it easily makes up for the power difference. Plus the brakes on the Porsche are just phenomenal. I would love to get a chance to do some laps in a 996. The Stingray (the yellow one in the picture) is a 1969, and it has a 350 ZZ4 crate motor in it. It is by far the fastest of the 3 in a straight line. It also has an aftermarket autocross suspension in it, but it still doesn't handle quite as smooth as the 86. And the blue one is a 1968. It is my wife's and it is all original, with the exception of the added side-pipes and the L88 hood. But everything else is numbers matching from the factory. It has a 327ci, 350hp motor with a M22 4-speed tranny. It is more of a show/cruising car than the other two, but she wanted it because of the convertible top. I actually sold the 86 a year ago, and I'm selling the 69 too. We will be keeping her 68, but I'm ready to move on to something different. I am debating right now between either picking up a 96/97 Dodge Viper GTS or a late 80s/early 90s Ferrari Testarossa. I constantly go back and forth with myself trying to pick which one I would rather have right now. I've rented a Viper for a day, and I know I like how it drives and handles. I've not yet had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Testarossa, but I've love the body style of them ever since they first came out. I need to find one I can drive first, so I can make a truely eductaed choice. As for the MP5, I can't wait until it comes in. It was actually the gun that I wanted most of all 3. The retailer is expecting them to come in with his April shipment of products, so hopefully it will be to me within the next couple of weeks.
  12. You want a see a really nice quality picture, my friend (who is much better with the camera that I am) came out one day and we did a photo shoot of my wife and my Corvettes. He took a couple hundred pics, and they all turned out great, but this is my favorite. I am just posting a link, because it is a 3MB panaoramic view of all 3 of our Vettes. We have a printer at work that prints on photo paper 80 inches wide, and rolls that go up to 150 feet long. I printed out this picture on photo paper that was 5 feet high and 20 feet long! I have it hanging in the garage! http://home.sorry that email not allowed/~theviperpit/vettepano.jpg
  13. I use my wife's nail polish remover. The reatiler I purchase from recommended it. He said that whatever they use to paint the tips would come off very easily with nail polish remover, and he was right. I just pour some on a paper towel, and it comes right off. Takes a few minutes to get all the fine little bits out of the seams at the end of the barrel, but it's really quite easy overall.
  14. This is the scope: http://www.hotspotairsoft.com/hsastore/pro...products_id/519 As for the camera, I'm honestly not really a picture person. The only time I ever take pictures are when I wanted to share stuff like this with friends on forums or email. No sense in spending several hundred dollars on something I would hardly ever use. And my best friend has an amazing Canon 350D Digital Rebel, so anytime my wife and I go on vacation, we just borrow his. If anyone would really like to see detail pics of any parts of these guns, then after my CA MP5 arrives, I can borrow the Rebel and shot any parts you would like to see.
  15. Got home from work today to find a package from the UPS man on the porch! My TM VSR-10 G-Spec along with the higher scope mounts and hi-cap mag for my G&G GR25 were all in the box. Once again, sorry for my crappy camera, but here's a couple pics, after I got the orange tip paint off and everything assembled. Now I'm just waiting for the backordered scope for this gun (I slapped the GR25 scope on it for the pics), and the Classic Army MP5. Then all my goodies will be here and complete. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow, although it is supposed to.
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