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  1. Just my opinion. But this has got to be the most retarded thing in the world. Granted you do it with small weapons, but the point of moving and acting like we do serves to protect us and enable us to use follow on shots. I'm not going to go into details, it would tak too long, but this is pretty stupid.
  2. I see one thing wrong with this. In a firefight, the point usually gets hit first and you don't want your FTL to be your point man because then you just lost all command and control. The FTL and the SL should be somewhere in the middle to maximise his abilities to give orders.
  3. I don't mean to thread crap, but just think about a few things. Guy is in South Korea trying to sell a very rare gun below the normal price. Not only that but he's asking for the money upfront and the item will be shipped at a later date when he returns stateside. Plus, he shows a picture that anyone could pull off the Internet. Just think about that before you guys start inquiring.
  4. I understand CYA. But if you weren't 100% sure it was real why would you post it as such? Integrity, my friend. Have a good one, good luck selling your .
  5. Hey everyone, I highly doubt this is real. A genuine helmet from any of the armed forces is a sensitive item and with all armed services, things like Helmet's, IBA, webgear, you have to turn back in to CIF once you ETS so if he tells you he got it from his uncles friends brother who was a Marine at sometime, he's full of . The only items you get to keep from the military are things that touch your skin, I.E, your uniforms, cold weather gear, boots, etc. Yes, helmets touch your skin, but they cost upwards of $800. I know, I lost mine in the field and had to buy a new one. I'm not saying don't buy it, by all means if that's what you want then buy it. But just beware of what you're buying. Edit: Do you have an SSN number for the helmet?
  6. More pics of the EBR? What else can you tell me about it? Upgrades? Uses? Performance?
  7. Can I see a full pic with "Pizza Man rocks" and todays date on a piece of paper?
  8. Still wanted. TM or UTG. Preferably a full stock but if nothing else, a pistol grip will do. Extra shells are wanted, but not mandatory. Thanks.
  9. I highly doubt the SAPI plates are real. Each plate costs upwards of $400, If he got them from the military, do not, I repeat do not buy. SAPI and ESAPI plates are a highly sensitive item. Anyone that has them that should not have them will be facing fines and possibly jail time.
  10. Howdy. My problem is that I want to get a RIS for my CA M4 but I want to keep it wired to the front because I like a front heavy rifle. Is there a RIS set that will allow for a 9.6V nunchuck. I hate the look of a PEQ box and the magazine pouch on the stock I hate for previously stated reasons. Can anyone help me out? Money is not a problem. Thanks.
  11. Topic is self-explanatory. I play alot of woodland games and shotguns seem like my cup of tea. I would like extra shells but it's not required. Post'em if you got'em.
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