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  1. My KMP9 outer barrel assembly has been sitting on my desk taunting me for about a week now. I have no idea how to remove the hop up and inner barrel. This extended Falcon barrel and REAPS bucking are waiting to be put in, but I just cannot find any advise for removing the inner barrel anywhere. Anyone have any experience taking apart the inner barrel on a kmp9 or mp9?
  2. I am not a fan of this new air nozzle. It limits players like myself who play on high fps fields, the limits where I play are 550 fps with .25g bb's for a semi-auto with talk of moving it to 600 this year. Just hear me out trolls and don't give me a lecture for having high fps limits the field I play on has been around for years and hundreds of people play on it each month without incident. If there is no way to change the nozzles to a normal one, then I am afraid polar-star will lose buyers, myself most likely included. Just some feedback... -Neil
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