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  1. Hi Volxvagen, One of my oldest TMs which I bought in 2005 is still in very good condition. The Metal Gears have not been replaced since. With the proper lubrication, and maintenance (replacement of lubricants) -- your gun can last a long time. I have been using White Lithium Grease on all my guns. My favorite is the one from MOTOREX (this are available at Bike Stores/Shops). Good luck..
  2. GREETINGS FROM TEAM DEA!!!! Hope you like it!!!
  3. It has been a while since I posted something at ASF. This was from a game last weekend - a 2-day MILSIM. These pictures are in sequence and tell the story of what happened. If you like it and/or have some questions.. reply to this post.. Thank you.
  4. I enjoyed reading this Dmitri.. well done!
  5. 1. I'm replacing the spring in the AKS with an m100 because the indoor field requires guns to be under 350fp. This is why I got the AKS, it also apparently has much better rof with a weaker spring so sounds good for cqb. an m100 should give you 300-330fps. this would also make your gun more reliable. Just make sure that you get someone that could reshim the gears and install all the parts properly. 2. I need extra magazines for both guns... I only have the stock hicap with both. I'm thinking of getting the cheap BE 50 round lowcaps ($7 at airsplat each) because everything else seems too expensive (like $55 4 packs. I don't need 5 mags). I have no idea how to get the right magazines for the AKS, though, because apparently only Dboys and JG mags fit, and I don't want to get 47 mags for a 74 :( If your a sprayer, the you'll need more. But I suggest you play a game or two. If you find yourself reloading on the field -- then buy more mags. Honestly, if its MILSIM, chances are, a Hi-Cap would be enough for a 2 day OP. 3. Do I need spare batteries? I hope not I never originally factored that into costs. If you spray a lot, then probably you need spares. Or, you can upgrade to a higher capacity battery. 4. I want a smart charger, now that I'll have 2 AEGs I don't want to have to worry about charging. Aren't there cheap ones that just charge really fast then shut off? I don't want to overheat by leaving it on the trickle charger accidently. the original batteries that came with your guns will die sooner than you think. I suggest saving your money and buy a quality batteries with a charger specifically for that type. I suggest that you consider Lithuim batteries. NiMah batts are bulky and heavy. 5. What are nice slings for the AKS or AUG? I heard the one that came with the AKS isn't reliable so I'm afraid to use it and have it snap or something. If you're short on funds, you can use the sling of one of your Bags. Those are pretty reliable. 6. I don't need fancy anti-fog goggles, I have plenty of antifog wipes/sprays that work great. I just need a cheap pair of full seal goggles that will stop bbs and are comfortable. There are so many availble. Remember, that what you buy must adhere to standards. Buy what you can afford. 7. How important is a sidearm? I have a spring pistol that shoots about 150fps with .12s and has a 4 round mag... In OPs, I carry a sidearm. However, in the 20 years of games and OPs. I never needed to use my sidearm -- I used them just for the sake of using them. 8. Do I need fancy clothing and stuff? I can fit a huge amount of stuff in my camo pants pockets. I just worry that I'd break the magazine or speed loader or something lying on my side in the bushes or bumping into a wall. Most vests or rigs look really awkward and lumpy though. I thought maybe I could just dump everything in my slim backpack? Can I just carry a bag of bbs and the speed loader or do I need enough pockets for lots of mags? Invest on a vest with Magazine Pockets, doesn't need to be fancy. Vest add extra protection, and the pockets add convenience. Honestly, khaki cargo pants, a black shirt, and a OD vest really looks great.
  6. It would certainly reduce defective products that go out of factories, but I do not think it will reduce it to zero percent as there are so many factors that can affect the state of any product before it gets to the hands of the end user (ie handling, moisture, etc.) I'm not sure about online stores, but in local airsoft stores (in my experience), most (if not all) guns are test fired at some point, either by the request of the would-be buyers/shoppers, or by the staff themselves. And to answer the OPs question: Since, I have never come across a tradition of being the first person to fire a gun for the first time.. not in airsoft.. If there is an actual tradition of this sort, then I am not aware of it.
  7. Being the first person to fire your gun?? This isn't possible, unless you got it out right from after being assembled.. At some point, these have been test fired.. This shouldn't bother you at all..
  8. Heat would be a problem.. however, this can be resolved after a working model is done. Besides, I don't think it would be that much.. Not unless you plan to shoot 100s in a single squeeze.
  9. This is a very interesting idea. 2.4atm is roughly around 35psi. this isn't hard to achieve, but have you already designed the cylinder for this and checked if it is achievable? now this is hard to achieve constantly at this scale.. how about using the pressure as a result of a combustion push a piston backward compressing a spring (similar to an AEG). The springrate of the spring will determine the velocity of the BB. I understand that the purpose of such is to elliminate the motor..
  10. Dear OP, I will happily participate in your thread, provided that you will read and comply with my PM. -------------- I've been into airsoft since the late 80's, and honestly -- I cannot even estimate how much I have spent for the last 20 or so years into the hobby. But I guess the most expensive one I had was cars and motorcycles.. and not to mention I was into biking for over 15 years.. If you count vacation destinations as a hobby... then probably that's where the bulk goes. If you count women -- that's another story. So PM for you.. I expect compliance. THank you. Regards, Tantrik Forum Janitor
  11. That is a good observation. The forum is only as good as the members, perhaps you can help the forum become better.. I myself am not as active as I once was.. But I make it a point to visit ASF from time to time -- as support to the next generation of Airsofters. Remember, the forum is what the members make of it.. Best, tantrik Forum Janitor
  12. We already started building!!! the challenge is the 3 storey building..
  13. This is a good start. And I admire the courage. As much as I would want to help you with this method, I am afraid I am unable to as I am not in the US. We also went through the same, and fortunately the lawmakers understood the position. Should you have questions, pm me. Best, tantrik
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