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  1. I'm looking at gas rifles myself. If you can afford it why not have both? I have 2 springers and looking at the G&G G96 and the G980 right now, also the Tanaka Kar98. Gas of course wont be as consistent FPS wise as a spring, but nothing some upgrades cant fix. If your happy with the way your L96 shoots and don't wanna upgrade it anymore then you could just go for a gas rilfe, but you will wanna spend some extra on upgrades for sure. Never shot the M700 but after upgrades and HPA its one of the better choices.
  2. I have a few people interested in my gun. Its a maruzen type 96 with Nc star 3-9X40 illuminated scope. Comes with maruzen bipod, Maruzen Vanishing silencer, upgraded spring and cylinder to 500 FPS, laylax zero trigger. Also comes with a Hardshell padded gun case, all original parts. Great gun just needs a new hopup and bucking, its not shooting accurate at all. wanna make sure I get what its worth I figured 500 shipped is good considering the upgrades and the hop up problem.
  3. finally someone who has the King Arms! without your upgrades was it preforming decently? I wish I could shoot em all and see which one I liked better.
  4. I've always used Airsoft Atlanta I live like 20 minutes from them. Most people order online from AirsoftAtlanta, AirsoftGI, or Redwolf. AirsoftAtlanta has TONS of Tokyo Marui guns and they do have the thompson. Amazing Customer service aswell check them out. *edit* they also have the King Arms Thompson, cant find the cyma but they may have it.
  5. CYMA is very popular. Tokyo Marui makes one as does King Arms. I belive the King Arms and Cyma are about the same as for internals. The choice is yours, im looking at getting a Cyma myself with a 9.6 in her.
  6. Damn protective US producers.... they practically show on tv now, think a little raw stuff like MXC wouldnt hurt.
  7. So im sittin here watchin wipeout thinkin, man this is a ripoff of MXC. Use to be one of my favorite shows, the commentators are hilarious and its just 10 times better. what happened to GOOD tv anyway?
  8. Looking for a good condition/fully working Tanaka Kar98k. I have an upgraded maruzen type 96 with upgraded spring and cylinder to 500 FPS with laylax zero trigger. also has vanishing silencer, maruzen type 96 bipod, and NC star sporting scope. the hopup needs to be worked on or replaced with a PDI hop up would be the best. if you don't mind doing that this gun is amazing otherwise.
  9. Yeah id love the tanaka, but the more I look at this G&G I feel it could be as good if not better in some cases, such as the Co2 especially for the cold. ive done tons more reading and apparently when G&G first released this it had some problems with wear and tear in the pot metal parts. They have since re-released it to be all steel and no more wear and tear. If you have the original, they will send you the new parts for free. Also they just released the scope for this bad boy, I must say I think its really worth the asking price for any WW2 or Gas bolt gun fanatic.
  10. Well ive always wanted a Tanaka Kar98 but their so expencive and hard to find now. G&G has released their take on this beautiful piece of history and I was wondering if its somthin to look into? it takes Co2 vs green gas on the tanaka and from reviews looks really nice. I need some input here from yall, has anyone shot both and which was better? anyone know much about the G&G?
  11. hey all. me and a buddy got my upgraded maruzen back together and fireing. seems to be a problem with the hopup and overall consistency of the shots. I hear when you upgrade these to 500FPS+ the hop up is pretty much whack. anyway to fix this? I hate to buy a PDI hop up then have to buy the tightbore barrel and bucking and barrel spacers, its just too much money but id love to get this gun fireing with precision since I spent so much money on her. any help??
  12. hello, im new to snipeing, and I was wondering if a vsr-10 g-spec was a good accurate gun. also what would the price be and what upgrades should I consider buying? thanks for all the help.
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