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  1. You might want to strip the box down and re-shim it, shimming the bevel gear to the motor pinion
  2. I'm just getting back into it after a similar break. Gas driven rifles like the P* have taken off which I think is great. Like the classic airsoft rifles. GBB rifles are also very cool. Lipo batteries weren't used much when I stopped playing, now they seem pretty common
  3. I'm set on an SR-25. I've had an m4 variant for 12+ years now (where has the time gone?) and fancy something a little different. I also love SR-25's and want a DMR. How do G&G's stack up? Just watched a few videos and they look really nice. The price difference between one and a G&P would cover some nice upgrades and the site I get a lot of gear from stocks them. From what I have seen, the CA uses the longer v2.5 gearbox, and the old model G&P did (stopped production in c. 2004). The G&G uses a standard v2 with a long nozzle/hop up. Thanks
  4. Hey guys My ICS m4 is getting on a bit now and starting to rattle all over the place. It is 10 years old so I can forgive it So I have been toying with the idea of a new gun and I really want an SR-25. My criteria for it is it has to be really high quality externally and semi only. Not too concerned about costs. I like the look of the G&P, but there doesn't seem to be much info on it. Had a look at the CA but it doesn't look as quality a product. To compound problems, I live in the UK so struggling to find a supplier but I don't mind buying from elsewhere. I have been toying with the idea of this G&P body kit and building from there: http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=9080 Any feedback or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Ross
  5. The FE can be used in an ICS, it just requires some light modification of the receiver. Take a look here: http://www.bingoairsoftworks.com/ics-m4-split-gear-box-polarstar-fusion-engine-conversion/ And the Jack should work, P* uploaded a video showing one in place of the top gearbox and it looked really tidy. Thanks for the info, I am being swayed toward the Jack now. Seems like you don't get a whole lot more with the FE
  6. I'll have a look into that as well then. I was also considering the Jack. But there's only about £120 difference so if I was to go with a P* product I would probably choose the FE. Are there any drop in type "gearboxes" that feature recoil? Thanks
  7. Hey guys First off, apologies, I am sure this topic has been done to death, but there is nothing like first hand feedback as apposed to trawling through old threads. I haven't played airsoft in years as I live on a small island and the field closed down. However it has recently opened up again so I have dragged my old gun out the attic and put it back together (I had stripped it before putting it away out of boredom). My current primary is an ICS m4 Anniversary Edition (was quite shocked when I realised it was 10 years old!) and was quite modified internally and shoots at about 450fps and has many 10's of thousands of rounds through it. While I like it, it's getting long in the tooth. I always wanted a classic airsoft gun, but the price and rarity put me off. But now it seems that style has come back in fashion. The game has changed a lot since I last played. So I've been doing some research and liked the look of the Fusion Engine and thought I would build it into my ICS body, but I have also seen Tippman's which look like they come ready to rock and for less than it will cost me to build an FE powered gun. What would you guys do and why? I really like the idea of a bit of recoil from the Tippman, but at the same time the customisability of the FE appeals to me and it looks like a stunning bit of kit. If I got the Tippman it would mean I can keep the ICS as an AEG as a backup though. Tough call! Thanks in advance Ross
  8. or imagine realistic sounding, hard recoiling rifles......classic airsoft! wish the newer manufacturers would make more though.I noticed a while back that youth engineering released a kit version of their mp5 at a very very reasonable price. was going to get one but bought a futaba 9zap instead (tx for flying models btw)
  9. love the qoute about snipping, I actually loled when I read it. even if you got a propper tb barrel, that is longer than stock barrel it wont have anywhere near the range of a sniper rifle to be used effectively. as for red gas, sure, if you want to blow your slide off the back you need a propper tb, otherwise its just stupid and will probably deter from accuracy
  10. thats an oxymoron and ines, it is probably all three of them. you need to put heavier guage wiring, the motor will pull it but it wont be happy and if its the stock battery, it would need changing. as for shimming, if you didnt know how to shim the gun, why did you take it apart in the first place. shims are almost as important as the bb's it fires. without any shimms the gears will not mech correctly and lock up
  11. hehe I had too. couldnt see where they were. we were in a hut called long time (its a vietnam hut...ya get it?) and the window is less than 1 foot square, well when you have 10+ people all with their sites pointing right into that window, you don't have time to take aimed shots. so I folded my side folding stock on my m4 and just arced back and forth whilst winding. well, 3 of us managed to keep the hut from being captured and considering I was the only one with an automatic weapon, I think we did quite well
  12. holy smokes batman!! its a necropost! seriously, over 2 weeks, leave it. I play with a 400fps gun, and yes, it does cut through the bushes a lot nicer compared to a stocker. great when you just gotta get that guy!
  13. cutting the spring isnt a good way of reducing the fps, I would spend the 15 bucks and just buy a new one of a lower fps value
  14. bit of a necro post there! and, you need to shoot further than 150 feet with a sniper rifle. otherwise I can outrange you with my m120 packing m4a1, and still have full auto. its not about how much it hurts. the higher the fps, the more consistant (providing you use heavier bb's to accomodate that) and the more range you get.
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