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  1. Not really. Honestly, I am taking a break from airsoft for a while. The player base and fields where I live are not hitting on much, and I am getting more into 3-gun and overlanding. Thanks though.
  2. Price drop time: $380 for the LVOA $300 for the FNX Package
  3. Thinning about my collection. First: Krytac LVOA-S Used once. Real rail bungie from War Sport. Fortis Shift Grip, and Troy style sights. Comes with one hicap. Price: $400 Shipped Next: VFC FNX .45 Tactical 3 Magazines Total Upgraded Recoil Spring Azimuth RMR Plate Custom Kydex Holster mounted to a Blackhawk Serpa Platform Price: $320 Shipped
  4. Price drop on the Agency Arms Glock 19: $275 Shipped CONUS
  5. I get bored with my collection from time to time, and its time to clear some stuff out. Rules: All prices are OBO No trades Paypal Only First paid is First Shipped. I will not hold something until you get paid. First up: Tokyo Marui PX4 Custom Tokyo Marui PX4 Detonator PX4 Slide Nebula Frame Upgraded Springs 1 Magazine Included Price: $275 Shipped Next: Agency Arms Glock 19 Custom HK3 Glock 23 Ace 1 Arms Agency Arms Urban Slide Set RA Tech Steel Glock 19 Barrel Real Steel Agency Arms Trigger Real Steel Agency Arms Magwell 1 Magazine with 10-8 Mag Base Included Frame has been stippled in the SSVi pattern Price: $275 Shipped More to come...
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