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    Between Wife & I: TM Type 89 CA CA33E CA M15A1 SPC CA Scar-L CA Aug A1 x2 CA G36 CA G36C Army L85 CAW M79 Kalash RK-01 Kalash RK-06 TM MP7 TM Scorpion Wingun 4" Magnum Revolver
  1. My opinion is the plastic is pretty nice, compares well to an old Classic Army AEG in finish & color. Thing to keep in mind is that most airsoft reddots/scopes were built with recoil-less AEGs in mind so there's a high probability that any replacement rail will shake itself apart.
  2. I just picked up a set of wood grips, but they're supposedly for 1st gen & aren't directly compatible with the current gen KWA. Just FYI if you do stumble across any NOS grips.
  3. I ordered multiple REAPS A+ buckings for KWA pistols in an order & they sent me the buckings for M4/SMG instead. Fair enough, they aren't very well marked on the packaging & I won't castrate evike for a simple mistake. But it took an email, then online RMA request, more email(& pics sent off to show they they did send wrong parts) & finally a phone call just to get the RMA sticker emailed to me over a week later. Once I got the RMA sticker the exchange went like butter, but it shouldn't take that much work on my part to clear their mistake.
  4. IIRC they're supposed to ratchet over when the mag is full, but the gears are so lightweight that instead they'll often strip the teeth...or if any bbs bind while feeding thru the mechanism
  5. Yeah I've had one of the clones for years(meaning I only lightly used it). Believe they were marketed under HFC brandname at most AS stores back in the day. Kinda odd there have been some updates to design considering how frail they were to start with...mine had the batteries under panel in the bottom instead of along the side.
  6. I've just started looking into HPA as well I can tell you that it can be a bit daunting since it often seems like much of the basics is a sort of "common knowledge" that the experienced folk expect everyone to know. Can be tough to find all the info in any one spot. That being said I can answer 1 question. Typical shop air compressors run ~120psi & cannot create the 3000+psi needed to fill an HPA tank. You either need a compressor made for filling scuba tanks or an auxillary "shoebox" compressor in conjunction with a standard oil-less shop compressor
  7. Believe the idea was put forth to go wider bore vs using an NPAS because some folk had issues with the NPAS not staying set over the course of gameplay...and for a CQB situation a tightbore isn't truly needed in the 1st place.
  8. Planning on a G5 myself. Only question I can answer is from my research they apparently do use AEG compatible barrels/hops. IIRC they come with 6.04 barrels stock, so some have recommended using wider bore AEG barrels to easily lower fps for CQB play
  9. yep, closest I found was mgoldman04
  10. AFAIK TAB is no longer an entity & the facility is now being used by team MAKO. Check out MAKO Events for info/directions/etc
  11. As long as the quality control is being consistent then all AEPs will have roughly the same FPS. You're talking roughly 220fps or so for pistols & 250fps or so out of the SMGs. There isn't really any "Most powerful" for an out of the box product.
  12. Don't know about the GBB dimensions, but the Serpa for G20/21 fit my TM G18c AEP perfectly "back in the day".
  13. I'm a tad hazy on electrics, but it sounds/looks like you're buying two 3.7v batts & connecting them w/ plugs to make a 2-piece 7.4v battery so you don't have to deal with splitting some heat shrink on the popular 7.4 Tenergy. Essentially it's about the same thing but w/ extra plugs & wiring to fit under the slide. Thing is the entire point of the balance tap is to keep both cells in a single battery balanced with each other so while they're being used one cell doesn't discharge more than the other & go boom/kaput. Charging your 2 batteries(made into 1 bigger batt) separate offers no guarantee that you'll get the 2 cells matched to each other unless you then go testing them with an ohmmeter after charging.
  14. If you haven an issue with a retailer(no matter who it is) & it needs resolved asap then you need to call. Call them directly & be prepared to wait on hold until you can talk to someone & politely get it sorted out. Email & unrelated forum PMs don't make you look like you're seriously wanting to see some action.
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