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  1. there are no upgrade springs for the UTG m87 shotgun, just because of the fact... its cheap... there are springs for tokyo shotguns and stuff like that... trust me... if u like shotgunning and want an upgraded shotgun...save up for a stronger gun... but their expensive... for a m3 toyko mauri shorty its about 140 from overseas sites...
  2. ive used my stock gears on my g36c and put in a m120 spring in... My gears have seemed to last forever on my gun... no fuss with my gears at all... with the m130 spring though...my motor seems to be crapping up... I also have to use a 9.6v battery...
  3. agreed...140% shouldnt be chronoing 400... The spring will break in... The thing about using .25 bb's is that it may keep your fps lower, but with more weight, the bb's hurt more...
  4. Considering that the AK-47 by CYMA is considered a lower qality AEG by most people, and even though it may be a tokyo mauri gearbox compatible, I would seriously consider saving up some money and getting a good AEG then upgrading your CM028. You will not get and feel the same result and satisfaction of a high quality aeg. but its up to you to decide... I don't know if you can pull your bolt back on your CYMA aeg, but I don't believe you can... so the Gaurder gearbox with the blowback system hole is partially pointless... don't know if its better then the toyko gearbox... and make sure you have white lithum grease for the gears... the real question is what fps are you trying to reach? cuz I don't know if the cyma gears can handle a stronger spring well... whatever rocks your boat is what u should do.
  5. Im quite sure the gas efficiency thing is just your mind playing tricks on you... It should actually increase your gas efficiency because it should close the valve faster... you will definatley need it if you put on a metal slide... Supposedley you need to modify the mag's to make it work right... http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...menu2=151#15401 according to redwolf airsoft... it takes about 2 mins with household filing tools and it comes with instructions
  6. Your first problem is probaly that your using a famas, which is a pain in the butt to upgrade or mod...ver 1 gearbox and all... and if your fuse is blowing, that is probally due to your motor not moving, either from something being jammed or something... the thing I would try first is, put back the origional spring and see if its firing... if u killed your spring to keep the piston(tokyo mauri thing), take your piston out and spin the gears with something to see if the gears spin... if it feels loose then your good, if it feels hard or the gears wont spin... look up a shim guides... if nothing works... get a ver 3 gun =p good luck getting it to work though...
  7. not really possible...cuz gearbox is a totally different type and the gun doesnt have enough room for the gearbox to fit properly... my friend gave me his double eagle g36c when he got a famas... I took it apart due to the huge amount of boredom and free time I had... and trust me... the body of the gun is not worth the swap anyways... just get a nice g36c tokyo or like me...classic and you will be happy with that gun... For some reason...the classic army one may seem nice, but it might need some modding to make it work the way you want it... luckly I got a tokyo g36c for free, Horrible condition, for fixing another gun for my friends, and switched out the gearbox...
  8. If u get the G36c, put in an aug air nozzle, it fires up to 25 fps more, thats what I did... Ive handled both... I own the CA36C and its one of my favorite guns, but after touching the aug, I also wanted it. To upgrade, it is alot easier to access the gearbox on the G36c then it is on the aug. Battery life is also a problem, Both have to use some form of small battery, and if you want to have a bigger battery on the aug, you have to probally make it external, but on the G36c you can get the G&P adjustable solid Stock I still perfer the g36c over the Aug, its lighter, provides more manuverablity, and its just a nice piece to have.
  9. the only thing different thing about this that I see is that, for the gearbox this part... Now, there is one final screw you must remove. You do this by folding the stock, and unscrewing it using a standard 3mm hex key. IPB Image This is a picture of the three rear receiver screw removed. Notice that the long screw from the previous step has a washer (highlighted green). Do not loose this: it is a locking washer that secures this screw. You only need to remove the long screw to remove the gearbox. I found out that after threading one of the side screws from taking it in and out too much... I have taken my entire CA36C apart since I got it...Broken... Fixed it though... Pissed me off... my first airsoft gun too... took me all night to figure everything out... no guides no nothing... just me, my tools, and my time... and my anger of course...
  10. if u are using a pdi 170% spring with a tm ver.3 gearbox, your gearbox shouldnt crack... ive used to use an aluminum head on my ver.3 and it didnt crack... and I shot over 3k shots out of that thing... using a CA 210% spring but if you want a loud @$$ gun, consider putting a shorter barrel in it, but it wouldnt be a good gun to shoot, now would it...? mp5k's are loud....I put a longer barrel in it, and it quiteted down... Also use a stock barrel, if its a tightbore, it becomes quiter for some reason...
  11. being both a sniper and a ground troop(wth am I supposed to call it) If you spot the sniper or if you know where the sniper is, then one of the best methods of getting at the sniper is by comming from different directions. Shoot toward the direction of the sniper and keep the snipers head down. You can also keep the sniper guessing. You can pop out from one point, but only pop out, but go back down immediatley... pop out of another position just for a sec. a little longer then the first time. THe sniper will take a shot at you, thats when you pop out at a different location and as a sniper, I always keep my aeg with me!
  12. ya...I was thinking about that...but I dunno if it is the same way...
  13. Does anybody know how I can get a different scope on the psg-1, or where I can find a top rail mount for the psg-1?
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