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  1. Praetor Stealth


    Um, I don't think he was a real priest, it was just his user name...correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Same here, once in a while, the trigger goes out of sync, but its an easy fix. Other than that, the TM P90 is Perfect.
  3. Thats pretty nice. How do you like those rail guards? I think I have the same ones on the way.
  4. I think I saw Airsoft Atlanta carry that (or maybe it was the Echo 1 ver.), but they are currently out of stock. And I don't think that they stopped selling it, you can probably e-mail ASGI or Evike also.
  5. Um, there is no problem with the use of widespread AEGs. But the thing is, we can improve our weapons as well as our tactics. There is no need to form a "new class" or "new warrior." This isnt a video game. Like others have said, this "style of play" is pertaining more to a video game, kind of like Splinter Cell. As appealing these "tactics" may sound, I doubt it can hold against a well equipped and organized team.
  6. I name my guns, it makes them more "unique." I'd rather name something like a gun or weapon (like a sword) then something random like a roll of tape or a door knob... But when I name my guns, I don't use it like say a pet's name. I don't literally say "I bought a new battery for Dominus Nox..." Now thats weird.
  7. I don't think he was patronizing you. And you could be a little more specific in what you would like info on. There are many aspects to MILSIM.
  8. Thanks for the compliment. Thats the look I was trying to go for, I'm glad someone saw the "stealth aspect."
  9. My P90 TR Dominus Nox I need to buy an EO Tech replica soon.
  10. Yes, it will probably damage the gun's internals if dry fired repeatively.
  11. The picture at RedWolf of the P90 "Savage Hunter" I think has a First Factory Sling Swivel End. Theres also a picture a someones "P90 SAW" that has an outer barrel around here.
  12. 1. Cash 2. A few Echo 1s as loaners 3. Some more MOLLE gear 4. Maxpedition Rolly Polly Dump Pouch 5.Pelican 1720 or 1750 Hard Case 6. New Wiley X CQC goggles (lost my original) My best gift last year had to be an Exile '07 Abstract S-Glass skimboard with custom art.
  13. Blunt and to the point, I like that. Yeah, I don't think theres anything you can do. Taking something that cheap apart might just break it.
  14. I'm using Bunker Dark. I also like the blue and white one too, but the brown one hurts my eyes.
  15. Agreed, where did you hear this? I did a couple of quick searches on Google to no avail. And it probably would be cool if they came out with one, but I'll still stick to the original Tokyo Marui version.
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