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    Superbikes, cars, motocross, snowboarding, golf, downhill mountain biking, and of course, the lovely ladies.

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    Uhhh.....at least 10 high end aegs, 5 gbb's and 5 cheap loaners.
  1. I gotta say reguardless of if he is or is not after the one conviction and strange behavior back in the day he would have earned him the BAN HAMMER. Don't throw good money after bad. Fool me once shame on me fool me twice go F___ yourself.
  2. hello? any UMG's? How about any HK416's?
  3. I want a G&G UMG ump. Let me know what you have please. Thanks
  4. Bump, just bought a usp compact today so not wanting a pistol anymore only aegs or GBBRs
  5. I have a 1 month old, never dropped Socom Gear MEU 1911 with 3 mags, lanyard, gemtech suppressor, madbull 6.03 tightbore EXTENDED barrel running thru suppressor in its own outer barrel & hopup unit so you can switch back to standard barrel in less than 30sec. Comes with origional box and manual. Gun shoots DARTS, mags don't leak one bit. This is THE pistol to have and is basically brand new! I Want To Buy a GBBR's, G19's, USP's, or unique aeg's. I can add cash to certain deals of course but keep in mind if you were to piece this together you'd be looking at about $275. Gun has been used 4 times indoors *sorry pictures SUCK, they are from my phone and do NOT do the gun justice
  6. Just ship over whatever the hell you want. Pretty much every company lies about the fps.
  7. I do gearbox upgrades/repairs if you send parts with the gearbox for $30
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