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    KWA Glock 19, with Hand Polished Slide. pics soon Tanaka A.I.C.S. ON THE WAY!!!!!!! will post pics when it arrives
  1. Hey, I'm giving Airsoft up as other hobbies call now... I have a True Pre-Ban AICS ordered from UN-Company a while back, and I havent had the time to use it much. It's in good condition, and shoots alright, I never got around to upgrading it with the VSR-hop system though, which was my next stop. It's got a real nice leapers 6 setting illuminated(red+green) 3-9x 50 Scope on it with sunshield, so its got a real great look. 6.01 Dee's Barrel. 2 Long Mags. Custom installed CA Bipod, works great! Very sturdy and easy to operate/noiseless. Standard Green OD color stock. I can post pictures this next weekend. Comes with a plain camo-bag that it fits into snugly. It's got no pockets, so Ive just always used a backpack to move my supplies around. I have a nice left-handed belt/holster w/ some random attachments on it that I used also. And a KWA G19 that has a (roughly) polished slide and missing the front iron sight. I also have some BB's and misc. stuff laying around that I don't have access to until this weekend. I will take pictures then. PM me with offers, and the soonest I can ship things off is this weekend. Serious offers only people, please? SELLING EVERYTHING SEPARATELY, BEST OFFERS WIN, HIGH BID WILL BE POSTED NEXT TO ITEM HERE. I reserve the right to decline any and all offers out of self interest.
  2. sweet man, thanks a lot for the reply. It looks promising. Only one more question besides how the nineball is, which is, have you tried the Best gun hop up in your gun? I would like to know how different they are, because I have a 6.01 Dee's barrel for my AICS, and I can install the BGS in it, which is what I was planning to do, only if theres a SIGNIFICANT upgrade between the BGS and VSR hop upgrade, then I might just throw in the towel and go with the more expensive one. How big of an issue do you see the short range as? thanks again, Hail
  3. Hey man, have you installed this stuff yet, Everyone else and I am seriously interested in how this setup performs compared to stock or BGS... I havent ordered my upgrades yet, so please let me know. -Hail
  4. I think this has been covered a million times, green gas = propane with lubricant, therefore green gas != propane, which is what makes it inconsistent for tanaka rifles, and most others, because it has too much lubricant that coats the hop and causes inconsistencies. propane IS better than green gas, you cannot deny it. Hop up rubbers are designed to be lubed a little, and then left alone, fill your tank with propane and go at it for a while, then fill it with green gas, I challenge you... Propane will ALWAYS provide more accurate results JUST due to the fact that it has no lubricant in it. You can add your own lube at a later time or lube down your gun by hand. -Hail
  5. Alright, This is a repost of the guide that's been posted before with credit to me. The actual author of this tutorial is Z06C5R from the AirsoftRetreat.com forums. This Guide is very well done, I have used it to great avail without even having to ask the original author any questions about how to complete the upgrades I have additionally included the follow up conversation with Z06C5R which consists of only 2-3 messages. All pictures have been uploaded to photobucket PLEASE POST IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED ANY OF THESE MODS, SUCCESS STORIES KEEP US ALL GOING First message to Z06C5R –– Reply Message –– Actual Guide, thanks Z06!!! –– So thats the skinny on how to upgrade your M700 AICS, and to great success too, I've definitely decreased grouping sizes and in-field accuracy with these mods, but unfortunately I have not had a chance to airsoft at all here in college, soon I hope to be able to and then I will post my findings on how successful these mods are after having the gun sit for a while. All these modifications performed on pre-ban guns, I disclaim responsibility for any damage you do to your own gun ––Hail missing image
  6. so I'm moving out to cal poly for college and was wondering if anyone plays anywhere or knows a place to play even remotely close to that general area
  7. ok so heres what you do, I talked to a guy from airsoftretreat in search of a bestgun kit or something that could upgrade the hop up kit, PM me and I'll give you that info he gave me. The goal of what he told me is basically to improve accuracy greatly. You stabilize the hopup, stabilize the barrel, stabilize the hopup-holder, and so on.... It's incredible what it can do for you. I also bought a Dees customs 6.01 square cut barrel. Buy the square-hopup cut for the stock hopup, or the round one for the best gun. What he told me is that the stock hopup is perfectly shaped for hop, but unstable. The best gun one is perfectly stable, but doesnt have a great shape. Which one of those is correctable? The stock one. Again, PM me and if theres enough interest I'll post the info here, and maybe ask for a sticky of the tutorial.
  8. Hey there, been a while since I've posted here, but Ive had school to tend to. I plan on making that review I promised a long time ago when I order new upgrades for the gun, seeing how it's in pieces right now and would be good to make it as I assemble it. SO MY QUESTION is: I cannot find a best gun hop for the aics anywhere! evike reports that they are out, and nobody else seems to have them in stock. I have found my hopup very dissatisfying and would like to get a better one. Where can I get an aftermarket one that will be better or as good as the stock one? thanks
  9. in my experience, the hopup on this gun is not consistent to any means at all... although it does get better if you don't lube it too much, have a straight barrel, which shouldnt be a problem... and if you wear it in... I fired around 2000 shots out of it, and it's OK now. workable anyways... theres a hopup unit I have yet to convince myself to buy, and that's the best gun hopup rubbers... don't take that the wrong way... you can find them on evike.com last I checked let me know if I can help any more
  10. how exactly did you get the barrel tip off? mine doesnt seem to want to come off... otherwise you're right with the whole m24 ordeal... and did you end up with an outerbarrel like you wanted?
  11. I've fired it at around 700fps on green with the pcs bolt wide open... randalthor is very right in saying that the cartridge carries around 3x the amount of gas that you will use in a single magazine. as for airsoft extreme, last I checked they stopped ordering them because customs was giving them hell. it is an excellent gun, hope you enjoy it. btw people, where are you getting all of these custom barrels and outfits from? link me please! _ken
  12. I would tend to agree, and I find that green is actually quite enough as it is... In the groupings I was using green gas. as for the pictures, well... school calls and the review, Ive started writing it, but I need to get a lot more spare time to complete a good one.
  13. yeah, but that would be if you tuned it down, but yes it will definitely stay within that range, as almost all high-quality guns have the ability to stay within that 350-400 range as that is almost standard across the nation. I however play on a free field where there are almost no regulations besides basic safeties. I shoot around 600-700 on green. I actually have yet to figure out how to tune it down past that, as when I tried last time, I discovered it was already at its minimum limit for the pcs... stupid green gas hurts people now... -hail
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