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  1. I had the pistol grip version. I don't think it matters though becuase I took the pistol grip off when making the master key and it broke so I had too think of another way too put on a grip. and thats how this whole thing spawned I thought it would be cool too have a folding stock on it and I just happend too have the broken sig552 with the folding stock laying around. link too the sig552 http://www.airsplat.com/Images/ER-CYMA-CM020.jpg link too the utg shot gun, might not be imported by utg but its the same shot gun. http://www.airsplat.com/Images/AR-DE-M47-B1.jpg
  2. well the parts arnt exactly made too go with eachother so the pistrol grip and stock arnt really flush. I added electrical tape around the fore grip too hide the screws. thanks for the you input though its kind of still a work in progress.
  3. there is only 1 I just took a picture with the stock open and the stock closed and edited the pictures together. and yes it is functional. planned on using it when I got too close too use my aeg or a loner.
  4. first off I bought a cyma cig552 the sealversion one cant really remember the correct name of it. was one of my first airsoft guns and it broke. so I had it laying around so I chopped it up and used the pistol grip and stock for this. I also made the mistake of buying a well r6 it broke when I tryed too upgrade the internals so I used its pistol grip as a fore grip for this. then I bought a utg shotgun too make a master key for my newly purchesed ics 2006 m4 but it made the gun too heavy and bulky so I took it apart and created this http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p134/ig...pg?t=1165908337 tell me what u think. ps don't pay anyattention too the date my batteries pop out and I got tired of reseting it everytime.
  5. igitiL

    Lewiston, Idaho

    how far away from pullman washington are you guys located? that church thing sounds fun. if you go do you actually have too be apart of the church? or can anyone come?
  6. im also interested in this pleas pm me I'd love too buy one off you if at all possible.
  7. lol how old are u? and why do u want just 12-15 year olds.
  8. I just moved too WSU pullman washington and was wondering if there where any people into airsoft in this area? and if so would like too get together and skirmish on the weekends or possibly form a team too travel too spokane for some tournys if so pm me, or contact me at. www.myspace.com/jontalk or just reply in these forums. thank you. ps. also contact me if you are interested in back yard wars. I got a couple extra Low end aegs we can plink with.
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