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  1. Alright, contacts were clean. There was evidence of current jumping the contacts, but it wasn't serious. I'm going to give it a shot with my high output battery pack and see if I still have the same problems.
  2. Thanks for the replies, time to break her down and see what's the dealio with it.
  3. I had the great opportunity to pick up a CA SLR-105 yesterday for $100. I jumped on it. The gun is in great condition with only two things wrong. First, two bolts are missing that hold the bottom of the stock in place. So if anyone knows where I can buy the body screws, it would be appreciated. Second, when going to shoot- if you switch directly from safe to semi (two notches, unlike most guns), the gun will attempt to shoot but freeze up halfway through the cycle. You have to switch it to automatic and fire a burst, then switch back and you can shoot semi from there on out. I'm curious what this could be. I have never had this issue with my TM Sig 550 or my TM G36. I'm thinking it might be a motor issue. Or the gun needs a high output battery pack. Suggestions? Comments? Concerns? Any help is appreciated.
  4. If you are concerned about being outranged by an M4 user or similar, get a 247mm tightbore and your problems will resolve themselves.
  5. You are correct on the question about the batteries. My gun will not turn over with my 8.4v batteries anymore (PDI 170% installed). I have to use my 9.6v (nimh) that has the high output 30A discharge rate. However, I only use 15A fuses which never blow. Sounds peculiar, but read on. So that leads me to believe your shimming is poor. That's really the only thing that I would think. Your gun worked fine when it didn't have to pass through the fuse because when the motor needed more juice from the increased resistance (and possibly more than just the resistance provided by the stiffer spring if the gears arent spinning freely like they should), it went ahead and sucked it from the battery unhindered. This tends to wear out motors very fast, and fuse removal is a short sighted and very unprofessional thing some airsmiths do, IMO. Reshim meticulously and your problem should go away. If you still have the issue, it may be a wiring problem. If this is the case, install low-resistance 16 gauge wire with deans connectors to get the freest flow of energy possible. EDIT: I forgot to add that if you do this setup, I recommend switching to your standard horseshoe auto fuse for costliness and availabilities sake. With all higher-powered springs, you WILL need to use higher powered batteries. 9.6v's are a must in nearly all cases if you want to keep a decent ROF, or, in some cases, be able to turn the motor over at all. Hope I helped, cheers.
  6. Get a polycarb/duracon (same thing) piston head instead of an aluminum one.
  7. If you think you aren't going to be seen, think again. What everyone seems to be glossing over is the fact that, unlike the real world (at least where snipers in ghillie suits are effective), airsoft battles take place within about 150 feet or so. There have been more times than I can count where my team was moving across a large field, as was the other team, and we waved at each other. In the real world, sniper teams can move a lot farther behind their targets and not be seen-- this is where a ghillie suit comes in most handy. In airsoft, you have to be close to shoot, and no matter how much camouflage you have on, you aren't Tom Berrenger... you WILL make noise, and at 100 feet, someone will likely hear you snapping twigs or rustling of bushes. Your best bet, if you did get a ghillie, is to find a good hiding place and STAY there. You won't be seen while staying still, you WILL be seen moving. EDIT: Edited for clarification.
  8. I think we should follow the General Section's lead and instate a no "which upgrade" question policy. Everyday I come on here and that's all I see...
  9. You are using too high of a voltage with your battery. Since it's mechanically actuated, when the contact is coming in, the electricity will arc. Over time, and with significant enough arcing, this will cause your contacts to burn through. It sounds like you are using something over 9.6v. If you are, I suggest you install a MOSFET rig. Search these forums, there are plenty of articles on how to do that.
  10. If it moves, it needs lubrication. This goes for all things.
  11. Good grief people, how many times do I have to say it? 6.01 (Dees in particular) have NO JAMMING ISSUES. If you use cheap BBs in your $300+ weapon, why should you expect anything other than poor performance?
  12. There are no serious airsoft Team vs Team competitions in the US simply because there being no way to prove if someone has been hit or not. When money or prizes are on the line, you could see why people might not have as much of a problem with lying than in a normal game.
  13. My gun has taken two swims in it's life. That should be read as: completely submerged for more than 30 seconds). Gun still works... I still stand by my convictions that TM's quality is second to none.
  14. Partnerships ruin friendliness faster than anything unless you have a clear, concise and downright frank written agreement as to your duties and obligations. I should know, I lost a really good friend this way, right out of high school too. Woke up one day to go purchase some computer hardware for our systems and found the bank account empty. I found out later that my friend I had known for years developed a drug problem after we started business.
  15. Hey, a revolutionary! Seriously now, isn't this the H&KisAWESOME fellow that occasionally posts good information on upgrades? Why have the last several posts of his sounded juvenile? Xhado said it well, apply for a patent if it's good enough. You will probably have to acquire the services of a patent lawyer to do things correctly. Stay away from those "Inventors Help-Line" commercials you see on TV, they (legally) undercut you and basically make off with your idea while you receive a small portion of what rightfully should be yours.
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