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  1. I have a CA B&T MP5A4 Navy w/taclight http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=1874 I have upgraded the gun with the following additions: -upgraded spring m120 -new bushings accessories: 8 midcap 100 round magazines custom battery looking for around 300 lowballers welcome offer away! pics to come if buyers are serious THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!
  2. well I believe it is quite cheap considering the work I put into it and the upgrades I have done to make it look and perform well also I did say prices flexible
  3. READ FIRST READ FIRST READ FIRST READ FIRST -shipping is not included in prices; shipping cost covered by the buyer. -I need cash desperately so pricing fairly flexible -pics will be coming later onto the gun: I HAVE A USED CA B&T MP5A4 Navy w/taclight http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=1874 upgrades: m120 spring, custom battery accessories: 8 midcap magazines..if I can find them all PRICE looking for $300-$400 US dollars BIN: unknown
  4. Actually with the 9.6V it still has an impressive ROF, much better than stock too.
  5. 7mm bearings should be able to hold up to around 450 fps tops. The 6mm bearings can go up to around 350 fps.
  6. Nvm sale did not go through with M93R. Still up for sale.
  7. My friend has a KWA Glock 23F that he has been having problems with recently. Once you put a mag in the gun, it automatically starts firing. The safety works, but as soon as you let it out, the trigger automatically depresses and continues to fire. Anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong and what we should do about it? Thanks
  8. Bump, lowered to 350 for the G3, and 100 for the KWA M93r. Will also take any reasonable offers.
  9. This Stock and the rest of the kit if you want MSG90 Rifle Kit
  10. Turn it into an LMG. Get a Cmag, nice rifle scope, and a high voltage battery with the MSG90 stock. Then for internals, put it up around 380 fps and shoot for high ROF.
  11. Dude, just buy another, I even got a new G3/MP5 gearbox shell if you want one.
  12. Law says that the discharge of anything over 6mms is illegal.
  13. If you are gonna shoot that heavy of an FPS, might be a better idea to buy the King Arms reinforced G36 gearbox with 7mm bearings. That will last you longer than any new CA gearbox shell.
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