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  1. You quoted the article. That's what I meant. However, I do not believe that this argument is constructive to the topic at hand; Which is to help you choose what weight of bbs to use. The only problem I have with this article is that it assumes that a projectile weighing .20 grams absorbs the same amount of energy as a projectile of the same size weighing .25 grams. Consider this. You can throw a bb at roughly 90 mph. You can also throw a baseball at roughly 80 mph. A baseball weighs much more than a bb. And it is in your hand longer. It has more time to absorb energy. A bb is very light in comparison and has less time to absorb energy. My point is that there is a limit to how fast you can move your arm; and it is vurtually the same speed as you can throw a bb. But a baseball is heavy enough that it actually slows down your arm. So it absorbs much more energy. Of course, there is a huge difference in weight from a bb to a baseball. But the same should apply to 2 bbs of the same size but different mass, just to a lesser extent. How fast does a spring move (one that fires at 85m/s) when dry-fired? How much slower does it move when loaded with a .20g bb? How much slower still does it move when loaded with a .25g bb? If you fired 2 bbs at 1 time would it half the fps? These are important questions to consider as they can greatly alter the calculations.
  2. That is a great deal, provided it's not a crappy copy made by CSI or something. They look just like my 200rnd CA mag.
  3. And they cost about the same as a hicap. You just get to have fun reloading =D Also I imagine it's a lot less catostophic if they do jam, because you can just switch it out and only be out 20 or 30 rnds. Whereas if a hicap jams (WHICH MINE DOES TOO OFTEN! ...I need to not reuse bbs LOL) you lose 200-600 rnds.
  4. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Therefore I don't think it'd really be an issue. Though you should definately not be a dumb**** while wearing it. 'Cause then you'd be putting down our good men and women in the armed forces, and that's just not cool. Though you might have to be careful if say you were dumb enough to wear it onto a base, as there are very serious charges for impersinating ranking Officers.
  5. Cocaine's too expensive, you should use anthrax in it! J/k!
  6. Actually there are some people in our group that use a modified potato gun as a sort of airsoft shotgun. He makes bags of bbs out of celefane (the thickest, least stretchy you can find) that hold 50 bbs. Then he twists them and puts a small rubber band on the opening. When he loads the "spud-gun" he takes a piece of paper and rams it down the barrel. Flat -- it's there to keep the plastic from melting. He then takes a bag and removes the rubber band* making sure to keep the twist in it so it doesn't come open too easily. Then puts it in after the paper. Then loads it with hair spray like you would normally. It's a weapon of limited usefulness, but it is very good for scare tactics as it is VERY loud. It shoots about 250 FPS. *If you don't if may fail to break open, and will be similar to a bean-bag riot gun. It's about the same as somebody punching you with a closed fist. *EDIT: Forgot to mention that very close range it is pretty hot. It might even burn someone or light a fire. Oh, and PVC pipes are not intended for such high pressure applications. So if there is a severe jam then is possible for the gun to explode, although this seems to be much more likely when using actual potatoes.
  7. The thing that gets me though is that it cycles very fast on full auto. I timed myself with a clock while pulling the trigger on my pistol. I averaged about 6 pulls per second, as best I could count. Even a conservitive estimate of 750 rounds per minute for the SD5 (it says 750-900 or so on most websites) is 12.5 bbs per second. I don't think I can pull the trigger that fast. I guess it must just be the timing of the gears... *REedited for grammer because I messed it up last time, lol (poor grammer is a bit of a pet peeve for me)
  8. All players with AEGs have to use semi-auto at our CQB field because they try to make it somewhat fair for the springer players (which are the majority). I have a Tokyo Marui MP5 SD5 and have noticed that I can pull the trigger faster than it can fire. In full auto it cycles about 900 rnds per minute, but in semi auto I can only get it to fire about 450 rounds per minute (both are estimations made by me). If I pull the trigger too fast nothing happens and the next shot may fire 2 rounds. Even if my battery is fully charged. With this trigger lag I can shoot at about the same speed as I could with my old springer G3A3. ('course a TM is much more accurate and powerful, and an MP5 is much more manuverable) Is this inevitable on all TM (and likely other brand) AEGs or is there a fix for it? Or do I just have to learn to shoot slower? My battery is a generic brand 8.4V 1700Mah (from PrecisionAirsoft.com, they call it a "proper battery"). --------------------- I tried using the search button but there were no relevent topics on "trigger lag". Though it could be that I don't know what to call it. I'm pretty new to this board (though not new to forums). If there is another name for what I have described I'd appreciate if somebody would tell it to me. I wouldn't mind searching for it myself at all.
  9. I bought a Tokyo Marui MP5 SD5 from PrecisionAirsoft.com (it's pretty close to where I live) for about $370. Including a 1700Mah battery, (ordinary wall) charger, 3700rnd bag of .20 Excels and a CA Hi-cap mag (200rnd), and ground shipping (which was $16 to where I live and it arrived the next afternoon). Just tellin' you the price range. Great gun though I can pull the trigger faster then it can fire in semi.. As a side note if you order from PrecisionAirsoft.com (and basically any other store, just to be safe) tell him to test fire it a few times before he ships it. Mine had some weird problem where it had no operation at all. And if it there's a problem after it's shipped then you have to pay the shipping back to the store and again to get it back. Meaning 3x the shipping and handling cost and a buch of wasted time. (I got half of it back because I my Mom talked to him saying that us driving to back to his store saved him $16. Which may or may not actually make sense but he went for it anyway =D )
  10. It wouldn't be very hard at all to change the color of the gun using PS. Just go to image>adjustments>Hue & Saturation check colorize. Then drag the hue and saturation bars around 'til you found the color that you want. It would take a little more skill to only modify certain parts, but not too much more. Duplicate the layer (make sure the new one is on top and selected) and select the colors you want in the way that I described above, then use the eraser tool to remove the parts that you don't want colored, allowing the original photo to show thru. I might make a demo, but I don't have an image hosting service so I'd need to email it to you. Send me a PM if you want me to try it out. *edited for spelling*
  11. I don't think any wrong-doings of that sort would matter in a court of law. Because they're not talking about his crimes. They are talking about the other parties crimes. Also, you would not have to pay court fees. Because assault/battery is ilegal. It is criminal, not civil. Civil is where you say something like "I lent her my prom dress and she got a huge stain on it! I want her to pay me the cost it would be to replace it." Or something like that. Criminal is something like "I am a shop owner and this jerk held a gun to me while his buddy stole all the money from the cash drawer!" The difference being that a criminal case is trying to uphold the law. Whereas a civil case is trying to be fair. BTW, you wouldn't even be the prosecuting party. The state would be. You would only be there for your testimony. And VERY importantly, don't lie to the cops and don't do anything ilegal (such as hurting them/vandilizing their property). Be smart. (the last post was 8 days ago, I hope this doesn't could as "zombifying" a topic. I felt it was important to give some information to help clear up the things in here.)
  12. It's possible that the store owners/workers hadn't observed that law and sold it anyway. I've heard rumors of a buisiness in my home town that will sell alcohol to minors. Though of course I've never tried =P I'm pretty sure I can buy ammo at Big-5 Sporting Goods and Black Sheep no problem. But don't even bother at K-Mart. You have to be 21! (store policy) Also where I'm from (Montana) you can buy lighters all you want; Never tried buying fluid.
  13. ~MoD~


    I'm pretty sure I read on here that Soft-Air and Cybergun are the same company. Just a heads-up since you are so set on boycotting Cybergun (which I agree with).
  14. ~MoD~

    Re-using Bbs

    I reuse bbs in my TM MP5 SD5 but I am VERY meticulous about it. Of course, like has been said in this thread, your eyes aren't accurate enough to see every problem. But I'd argue that those small problems don't matter in a stock gun that being used in a small CQB arena. It may be interesting to note that I have not had a single jam since I started reusing bbs, but had a jam from brand new Excels -- there were 2 small plastic tabs that were in the NEW bag. I found the jam in my hicap, and after about 10 mins figured a way to remove it. After that I decided to inspect my speedloader bottle, which revealed another piece.
  15. Hehe, you just did exactly what BP said not to =P That is a great document. It shows me that I need to be using .20's because we play in an indoor CQB. There are no shots longer than 60 feet or so.
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