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    paintballing, games (currently playing painkiller and crimson sea 2)<br />sports, music. and lets not forget drinking. lol

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    m14 assualt rifle two spring 45's in process of getting a shot gun and sniper rifle
  1. looking for player around the lansing area, wanting to play singles or team events. hit me back through here or at email addy bradtj_00PLEASE DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES IN YOUR MESSAGES - USE THE PM SYSTEM / UNLESS OF COURSE YOU LIKE SIGNING UP FOR A YEAR SUPPLY OF SPAMPLEASE DO NOT USE YAHOO IN YOUR POST will need to bring weapons do not have many.
  2. admin I live in lansing and I also have 3 weapons and am looking for some place to play. if you could hit me up sometime and let me know where and when I will be there. my aol name is bradtjr22 and my yahoo name is bradtj_00.
  3. lansing area player looking for battle. I live about an hour and half from but I am willing to drive certain to places to have war.
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