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  1. Still working on the deal, its just taking awhile to get everything finalized. Colin
  2. I only parted out the collection because so many people asked, and then had an individual who wanted the entire collection... I didn't mean to cause any problems, sincerely sorry for that. Colin
  3. Almost done, should have a final price list in the next couple of days! Sorry for the delay... Sincerely, Colin Huff
  4. I should have pricing for everything this week/weekend, as I will also be adding another 30-50 rifles and pistols. Thank you for your patience, Colin Huff
  5. Hopefully this week, as I have another collection of airsoft items at another house that I will be adding to the list to finish it up, and pricing everything. There is probably around 30-50 more pistols/rifles I need to add, and in the range of 500-750 accessories/scopes/lasers/parts if not more to sort and post... Thank you for your patience, Colin Huff
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