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  1. This is a Simple Chest Rig that I bought from steelhawk airsoft for 40 dollars and im selling it for 30 with shipping. Unfortunatley I do not know what brand this is but I took a picture of the tag. this is a 3 color desert camo Chest rig that fits very comfortably. It has 4 dual m4 magazine pouches and 2 pistol mags that I usually use for flashlight or speedloader. This Rig has not seen very many games. It has seen exactly 1/2 a game. It was too hot so I took it off half way and kept it in the car. The Vest is practically new. Im selling it 30 with shipping and ill do 20 if you know where steelhawk airsoft is and we can do it all there. http://www.airsoftclassifieds.com/detail.p...25&de=13833 on that link are some pictures
  2. I have been trying to find a 150% recoil spring and hammer spring for my KWA USP and I just cant find one if anyone can send me a link as to where I can get one I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. hey, im just starting off getting into GBB pistol and I want to know if using high flow valves will hurt my gun in any way? im using mainly green gas I will probably start using propane later on but for now green gas the gun im gonna try using high flow valves in is a KWA USP 45 and before I use high flow valves ill probably upgrade the recoil spring and hammer spring
  4. im looking to upgrade my TM m4 with FPS and a major durability upgrade im thinking im just gonna get a tune-up kit and im looking at these http://store.matrixbb.com/servlet/-strse-2...h-Up-Kit/Detail http://store.matrixbb.com/servlet/-strse-2...-Kit-for/Detail (I heard this was good but does anyone know the specs and stuff?) http://store.matrixbb.com/servlet/-strse-2...e-dsh-Up/Detail (I would probably change the spring to a 120) which one would be better overall for my gun and money
  5. hey, so I got a TM m4a1 as a back up weapon or ill proably use it for CQB and yea. the CQB field down here has an fps limit of 350 so what would you guys reconmmend for the CQB im having trouble thinking of it like I was thinking of maybe an m100 spring but I would want it to shoot a little harder and I would also like my ROF to be a little quicker
  6. um do you know how far it is from irvine? and can u send me some links to cheap springs and bushings I believe 6mm bushings correct? and a tm m4 Gen 2 has metal bushings already?
  7. uh what city do u live in, and how much does airsoft gi charge becauce my shop charges 40bux, lol and I used commas and can u help me out, I also want this gun for CQB and the cqb field is 350fps limit, so can u give me some ideas to get 350ish fps. right now I can only think is an m110 spring and maybe some bushings
  8. hey I got a new m4 and its kind of my back up for when my main gun has a problem its tokyo marui I wanna just do a basic economy upgrade spring and metal bushings and im not quite the master and taking apart gearboxes so I just have the shop do it do you guys have any place located in socal (orange) that will do upgrades for free because the shop I get it done at charges 40 bux for upgrade labor so can u guys help me out with cheap upgrade places.
  9. ok so I recently bought a new tm m4 and I know about the infamous barrel wobble but does anyone know how I tighten it or if I can and secondly how much bbs does a tokyomarui standard mag hold? and if there is any like starter guide for this gun help me
  10. hey, so I recnetly bought a tm m4 and im going to upgrade it internally but I need a new battery and I was wondering what is the biggest size battery for the m4 becuase I heard it was limited I think its a 9.6v knunchucks 1700mah is this correct?
  11. hey whats the best aeg electric thats 100 or under I need to know
  12. ha ha ok soo can I upgrade the utg with a new spring?
  13. ok so do you think if I get an utg mp5 I am able to upgrade it so basically herse the story I just airsfot with my friends on a backyard and we all have pretty cheap electric guns and I wanna own them with a cheap gun but upgradeable so I can own and make them cry
  14. hey im looking into to buying a well r-6 m4 but I wanna know if there is anything bad about it and im also wondering if your able to upgrade the well r-6 with a new spring and etc.
  15. Hey, ive been looking for an electric gun thats pretty cheap can u guys help me figure which one is the best ive been trying to decide and its pretty hard R6 M16 AIRSOFT FULL AUTO AEG M16-A4 http://www.protectiondepot.com/m16a4.asp http://www.airsoft128.com/xcart/catalog/VE...le-p-34204.html OR please say the best electric guns under 100 please
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