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  1. I've been playing around with the tools at work and made a few of these beauties to commemorate the upcoming Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Episode this Saturday (11/23/2013). I wanted to share this with the airsoft community just in case there are fellow Whovians here that might be interested. Take a look and let me know what you think. I can also customize a special screwdriver or a Light Sabre for you if your interested. Custom Sonic Screwdriver
  2. verisimilitude, I read some of these mag issues online last night. thanks for the heads up. I found this review which is very helpful: Thanks alberty... I will definitely check out the Masada, L86A2, PDW, SCAR-L. Still shopping and seeing what is out there so the suggestions are highly appreciated. I want to keep the M4 (KWA SR10) its current size. It feels great and love how it performs. In open fields with bunkers/building, hills, trenches and even light/medium brush the M4 serves me very well. So shortening it is not an option. Just want to switch rifles between games when I know for sure it's a heavy brush enviroment.
  3. thanks everyone for your response.... playing in heavy brush is not impossible. I still play very well with the KWA M4 in those situations. I've done so for yearssss. The M4 will likely be my primary rifle for most applications. But lately in thicker brush, I sometimes sling my rifle and switch to the 1911. the switch is great and moving through the bush is a breeze. This has me thinking if a more compact rifle would feel more comfortable in heavy brush... so now I'm looking at the UAR to try out. Like in all applications in life, some tools work better for different situations. So I'm looking to explore other options out there. P90 is another consideration... but the M4 mag compatibility is attractive on the UAR. I'm not asking for advise on tactics, how I should practice, or how to save $$$. I'm looking for info on the APS UAR. Thanks again.
  4. For those who have used the new APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR): - What do you think about them? - How well built are they out of the Box? - What problems have you seen after several games? - I do not plan to upgrade the UAR and will keep it 'stock', but what should I keep in mind jsut in case? KWA M4 I have is difficult to move around when playing in heavy brush enviroment. I'm looking at the UAR and thought it would be a good candidate since I can use the same mags. I welcome and highly appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
  5. I sent the videos to Evike who had me send the pistol back since it's still under warranty. Now I'm stuck waiting. Thanks everyone for all the advise. Good to know this place is here where I can get support.
  6. My brand new (never been used) Hi-Capa does not work. Wont fire, not even a “pfff”. I checked the mags (standard or CO2) and they are working fine. It looks like the sear is not moving to press the mag valve. Any advise? Movie of the sear. Doesn’t move at all: Movie of Hi-Capa with standard green gas mags: Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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