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  1. I meant do they have like shells and stuff or does the shotgun just drop a bunch of bbs into the barrel and send em off?
  2. Ok so shoot me for being a total Newbie but I don't know how shotguns work. None of my frends play with them and we've only used springers and AEGs I know it is a totally lame question but does someone want to lay out how they work, what you need for one and the pros/cons? Appreciated. Airsoft San Anselmo
  3. Try looking at the Sig Sauer P226 on shortyusa.com. It's a springer and gets 283 FPS. Or you can look at the UHC M9 Military Pistol which I think is all-metal, gets 275 and also on shortyusa.com. Springers are good backup. Thought I'd throw in my two favorites (I've owned them both in the past)
  4. Requesting access: I'm Alex, 18 years old, live in San Francisco Bay Area, go airsofting in the hills with my buddies. Been at it for 2 years now. I would like to access the secret forums because I'd like to learn survival tactics for the hills and some advice on blowing my pals to bits in wars. Thanks
  5. Alright so I'm getting a new AEG and even though this is not a "WHICH GUN" question I'm sure some of you won't be able to help commenting. It's been narrowed down to the UTG MP5 A4/A5 ELECTRIC and the UTG AK-47 COMMANDO ELECTRIC (the warhawk shortened, same specs) The price on shortyusa for the MP5 is $109.99 and the AK-47 is $139.99. Specs are below. UTG MP5-------------------------------------------------UTG COMMANDO # Operation: Electric----------------------------------# Operation: Electric # Select fire: Semi / Full Auto-----------------------# Select fire: Semi / Full Auto # Muzzle velocity: 260 fps w/ .2g------------------# Muzzle velocity: 280 fps w/ .2g # Effective range: 120-130 feet--------------------# Effective range: 150 feet # Maximum Range: 150 feet------------------------# Maximum range: 170 feet # Rate of fire: 800 RPM------------------------------# Rate of fire: 900 RPM # Ammo type: KSC .2g or .25g---------------------# Ammo type: KSC .2g or .25g # Hop Up: Adjustable--------------------------------# Hop Up: Adjustable # Weight: 4 / 4.25 lbs (A5/A4)----------------------# Weight: 6.5 lbs # Magazine capacity: 150 / 500 rds----------------# Magazine capacity: 340 rds # Length: 19.5, 21.5, 25.5 / 26.5 In (A5/A4)-----# Length: 28 inches # Battery: Mini Type 8.4v----------------------------# Battery: Large type 8.4v # Motor: EG700 equivalent--------------------------# Motor: Hyper 1800 PRICE: $109.99---------------------------------------PRICE: $139.99 IS THERE ANYWHERE ELSE THAT I CAN GET EITHER GUN FOR CHEAPER? . . . .
  6. Yeah try the following. I like shorty because of their wide selection and accurate info--but speedytoys is good too. airsplat.com speedytoys.com elike.com atlantaairsoft.com (not as good/notable) shortyusa.com
  7. Is it really that fragile or did you break it some other way? Maybe it's a lemon or something. Are they notoriously breakable? How did it break?
  8. Ok so I decided to put a little more cash in ( I took it out of my sidearm fund--I figured I wouldn't need a sidearm with this badass) Is it worth the cash? I saw it on shorty and I cut the description out. You can see the pic &lt;AT&gt; shortyusa.com--just look for the UTG Commando under Electric Guns. What do you think and do you know of anywhere where it's cheaper? (other than shortyusa.com) UTG AK-47 Commando AEG Airsoft Rifle # The UTG AK is modeled after a Romanian made AK-47 variant so the first thing you will notice is the different selector pattern from the traditional AK. One click down from safety is semi automatic for controlled accurate shots. Drop the selector down another click to full auto and at the squeeze of the trigger the Commando rips out 15 shots in under a second. The overall finish of the gun is outstanding as you can tell from the pictures. It is extremely hard to tell the plastic parts from the metal parts because the finish is so good. # Construction: Boasting an extremely high metal content the Commando weighs in at just under 7 pounds fully loaded. Metal parts include: muzzle break collar, click adjustable rear sight, bolt, upper receiver cover, trigger, selector switch, rear sling mount and butt plate. The upper receiver cover has a plastic tri rail mount attached to it with three screws. However, this can be removed for a more traditional AK look although it does leave three holes in the cover. # Performance: The Commando has a slightly higher rate of fire and is noticeably louder than the WarHawk. It uses a standard Version 3 metal gearbox with metal gears which is compatible with most Marui upgrades. The largest battery you can fit into the stock is an 8.4v 1800mah however with a 30 second modification you can shoehorn in an 8.4v 3300mah!! Behind the spring loaded bolt lies the adjustable hop up just like on the Marui. The adjustment slider is very positive feeling and does not vibrate out of position during firing. The two 340 round high capacity magazines that are included have reliable feeding on both semi and full auto. The WarkHawk is also 100% compatible with Marui magazines and every magazine that is compatible with a Marui will work in the UTG! # Goodies: Included with the Commando are two 340 round high capacity magazines, 8.4v 1800mah battery pack, trickle charger, UTG 3 point tactical sling, tri rail weaver mount and a UTG speed loader. The loading tool is not needed to load the included high capacity magazines but is a nice feature in case you order some standard magazines with the gun. If you are getting one of your first AEGs please take a moment and read the following Hints and Tips for AEG owners. # WARNING: Battery charge time is 6 hours with the included charger. Do not overcharge your battery or you will damage it. This gun MUST use Ultra Grade .2g or .25g BBs such as our KSC BBs recommended below. This gun uses a tighter barrel and components than other lower cost electric guns. Lower grade BBs will not work correctly and will jam in this gun even if they are .2g. This can cause severe damage to your gun and will not be covered under warranty. Specifications are from our test results. # Operation: Electric # Select fire: Semi / Full Auto # Muzzle velocity: 280 fps w/ .2g # Effective range: 150 feet # Maximum range: 170 feet # Rate of fire: 900 RPM # Ammo type: KSC .2g or .25g # Hop Up: Adjustable # Weight: 6.5 lbs # Magazine capacity: 340 rds # Length: 28 inches # Battery: Large type 8.4v # Motor: Hyper 1800 # Comes with orange tip
  9. NOOOOOOOOOO! I may be a Newbie and all, but that was the first gun I got and boy was it SH*T. DO NOT GET THE CROSMAN R70. It goes maybe 50 feet and then the crappy hop-up spins it off to /THOU SHALT NOT USE MY NAME IN VAIN/-knows-where. The high-cap gravity scope is kinda dumb, and the gun dry-fires a lot when you miss a bb. I would get this gun only if I was shooting targets from 30 feet and with no cross-breeze whatsoever. DO NOT GET THIS GUN!!!!!
  10. THE CSI AUG Assassin Electric Rifle--------$49.99 I couldn't help but fall in love when I read the description on Shorty.com--but I couldn't help thinking "there is no way a gun with these specs can sell for $49.99". Apparently it can. And it does. 2 of 3 vesions are sold out and I can't get one! Both the black and the grey versions are STILL sold out and I can't help but think that one of you all owns one. SO, is it all that it says it is? More importantly, how does it hold up/feel and should I buy it? Here are the specs from Shorty.com to compare... ONLY comment if you know what you're talking about or HAVE ONE! # Operation: Electric # Select fire: Semi / Full Auto # Muzzle velocity: 240 fps w/ .12g # Muzzle velocity: 200 fps w/ .2g # Effective range: 100 feet # Rate of fire: 700 RPM # Ammo type: .12g or .2g # Hop Up: Fixed # Weight: 4.5 lbs # Magazine capacity: 62 rds # Length: 32 In # Battery: 9.6v 700 mah Is it all that it says it is? Pros and Cons are welcome too. Thanks.
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