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  1. You have two shoulders, extra pad the sling. Crawling with a belt sucks. All your body weight will be on your gear, and you'd have to get up or roll to grab stuff.
  2. Maybe one of these, sorta seems like something a recon person could use. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2539
  3. It looks alright, tan I think would look a little better since multicam is more brown. I'll upload a picture of my OD Blackhawk vest and my multicam for ya.
  4. I say go for it. Worst comes the worst return it. Just make sure to keep the packaging intact. I'd also reccomend the mosquito molds mini launcher. Pretty similiar but higher capacity shell. See it here
  5. I admittedly took a friend's tooth out with my g36. Felt horrible, but he got it cemented back in at the dentist, and we both understood that it was an accident. Out of all people he was the only one without a PB mask on... On the PB vs. airsoft comment: Why would you rather take hits from PB's over bb's anyways unless you were a masochist? I can take the pain from being hit by either, but if I had a choice I wouldn't be stupid, bb of course.
  6. Found one. Mods you can axe this thread.
  7. Like the title. Anybody trying get rid of one?
  8. Ergonomic, lightweight, versatile, lethal. Some G36 love:
  9. Ironically, I've only played with M4's, G36 C's and E's, and P90's. I own a CA36E and love it. I just love how versatile and powerful the G36 line is. Go to www.airsoft-war4.com and search for G36 just to get an idea of what you can do a G36.
  10. IMO harder to see attackers, not only because everybody is camoed up, but people are more cautious and bbs are harder to see than pbs. Try to learn some hand commands. Learn to work with people in your group/squad. Be aggressive but also conservative. No Rambo moves. Be alert of your surroundings, chances are there may be 10 guys around you, some of which are your teammates. Overall train your eyes to pick out irregularities in your surrounding. The human silhouette is very recognizable to a trained airsofters eye. BTW: Watch out for moving bushes. If you see one shoot it till it says "out".
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