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    Airsoft, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Biking, Hiking, Treasure hunting, and Girls of course. Anything that has something to do with the outdoors is great. I have always like the military and the navy. I like to read stories about veterans of WW2 and see what they had to go through for our freedom.

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    I own many gas guns, 1 maruzen shotgun, a little springer, but my favorite is my custom Ca M15 nicknamed "The Beast". I also have a Ca AK47 nicknamed "The Son of the Beast".
  1. I have been looking for a solid combination of gear to use on my head. I started with a mask, but it is a little to bulky to use with my holosight. So I was looking at the Revision Bullet Ant Goggles along with a Balaclava and a helmet. Now I have never used a helmet before and was curious how comfortable they are and how many people actually use them and do they come in handy at all or do they just sit there and look good? Can anyone please help me with this?
  2. I have a game on Saturday and I was wondering, whats a good breakfast to be able to keep going on out in the field?
  3. HFC gbb M9. Beautiful gun. Still have it and will never sell it.
  4. www.tacticalairsoftmagazine.com go there and get a subscription. To me its an amazing magazine, and its NOT in black and white like NAM.
  5. My guns came in four days both times. DOn't be alarmed by the shipping cost though because it is an overseas retailer.
  6. I take careful aim and cover and stalk my opponent. As they pass me, I aim for the chest area so they know tey have been hit.
  7. Probably written by somebody bound and determined to get airsoft off of the market by discouraging people to buy a gun.
  8. The silencer itself does not, but you can get a tighbore barrel to go farther out by covering it with a silencer, thus increasing the accuracy.
  9. Buddy

    Killer Beez

    Killer Beez information. I have seen alot of talk about these so I thought I would post the website. I have used these for almost two years and never one jam. These are amazing. I have used the other top brands of Bbs and these do seem to be the best. I also live near the distributor wo holds games every other week.
  10. Army Ak-47? I have never heard of it. Classic Army for sure. I would go with a Classic Army gun. But make sure your parents aren't going to go back on letting you have one.
  11. My most expensive is my custom CA M4 at about $1200.
  12. Probably when I was on a hill filled with dead oak tree leaves and thought I could slide down. I ended up spraining my ankle, My barrel got shoved in the dirt, and I was covered in thorny leaves.
  13. I was considering getting one of these for my M4. Thanks for the review and all the pictures. I am definately getting one now. Thnaks man!
  14. I know all of those except the Turkish get up. What is that?
  15. I have an upgraded Ca M4 for about a year now and it is the most amazing gun I have ever fired. I also have a CA AK-47 and it also works very well. I would recommend either of those.
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