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  1. In a way I find it flattering that you guys have copied us and I do mean copied being that I went to you web site and looked at the patches that WE created and you guys copied lol. I do think that it is proper for you to understand that we are pretty much an all military team made up of Marines, Army, and a hand full of civilians. We are structured loosely from the old Marine ways and the team was created in honor of the 5th Marines (Dark Horse). I wish that your site was in English, so that maybe we could all converse with each other and I could see some of the cool things you guys have done. Take care Jason Sgt. Of Marines
  2. You are on the correct way of becoming a good sniper with your thinking. You need to set up a range and find the maximum distance that your rifle will shoot accurately. After you find this distance then you need to start adjusting the scope to your rifle. Follow me here. If you know that you can hit a target at 55 yds (165ft) every time you pull the trigger then that is where your scope and rifle need to be zeroed at. Or if you actually have a rifle that will punch out to 100 yds (300 ft) then that is what you need to be zeroed at. The hop up needs to be adjusted so that the bb will fly in a straight manner with arc and without doing the goofy things that bb's do by flying off into the great blue wonder. Ok, now lets put this all together so that it makes sense to everyone lol. If I am shooting .3's at 55yds and my hop up is properly set so that I have enough arc to hit the target in my cross hairs with out guessing and using Kentucky windage all the time then the rifle is properly set up. I hope this doesn't confuse you guys any lol.
  3. When I made my ghillie I used a cross draw vest as the base of the uniform and put my woodland blouse/coat through the arm holes like I was wearing it and then glued my netting to everything. The vest and coat are are not glued together so I could use the vest alone or with the entire ghillie. After glueing the netting on I spent about a month putting the burlap on it and the set up is heavy but it works for my needs.
  4. Get some pictures up when you are done but I do have a few comments. I spent 8 years in as a Marine Engineer and dealt with some snipers, Recon, and Anglico Marines in my time with the Corps. As with most units they added or subtracted with what they felt they actually wanted or needed. As an example one day some Anglico gurus came in and wanted to "create" a litter kit that would fit in their alice pack and they could use to carry out their injured buddies. Basically we tore apart a cot and used the fabric, added some handles and tested it. This was not part of the issued gear list but as Marines are they came up with an idea and created it and it worked. As long as your gear is close and correct it shouldn't matter what brand your boonie is or boots but the ghillie has to work and the sniper rifle has got to shoot long distance. If you have one part of gear wrong it should not be a real big deal as long as you can move steathily and shoot. Something that you may want to think about is using a drop bag that you can attach 550 cord to so that you can either drag it with you when you are crawling or when you are doing a creap. I think that you will also find changing in the field is a tedious job and you may want to think about gearing up before the game and using your squad to help insert you into a position. Good luck and happy hunting.
  5. Thanks for the help and I will pass the info that I received on to my buddies, one has an AT-4 and my brother is wanting to build a LAW so this will help.
  6. Some times it is just a matter of learning the ins and outs of your gun. I have a JG M4 and all I use is high caps but I have been shooting this gun for a year now and I can tell when the mags are getting low to almost empty. The way they feel and the amount of turns I need to keep the bb's feeding all seem to add up to knowing that the mag is almost empty. I recently have purchased a CA M14 and I am shooting high caps with it but since I have only had it for a few months I am still getting tricked into not knowing how many bb's are still in the mag. I have caught myself a few times thinking that the magazine is empty and I pull it out to find that it is half full. Trial and error I think are the keys to knowing if the magazine is about empty or not.
  7. There seems to be a chart, graph, and diagram for everything, but is there anything that takes the different sizes of M203 shells and breaks down the volume one will hold and show what the PSI or FPS is that is released from the shell upon triggering it? Another question if I may. I have heard a lot of people talk about making law rockets and mortars. Is there a place to go that will actually show someone what materials they would need to create these monsters of war? Thanks, and if these questions have already been answered then please point me in the correct direction and thank you for your time.
  8. Thanks for the help but I read on here many many moons ago that the Tanaka mags are not compatible. Can you confirm this. I have done a search but I am probably putting in the wrong questions.
  9. I have seen hicap mags for the KJW M700 before but the stores that I visit on line don't carry them any more. I am hoping that some one can point me in the correct direction. Thanks for the help.
  10. I talked with Frog Holler today and have good news and bad news. Check out the Wichita forums for more info.
  11. I am at this point planning an 8 hr event but I am having trouble finding a place to have it. I have a few ideas but keep looking at the wichita forum for details.
  12. I cut one side off my mask in order to allow me to shoot. You will need to cut a little and then try it until you get it right and remember it is all about YOUR comfort and not looks.
  13. Get your name tapes made and then either have them sown to velcro or do like I did and use shoe goo. Shoe goo can be found at Wal Mart in the shoe department.
  14. Try this out. ""...recently I was experimenting with my KJ m700 and I discovered something that I was wondering if someone could verify for me. I took my bolt apart completely and removed the little allen screw that is in the rear hammer thing, and then tightend the spring in the front all the way down, then put the allen screw back. After doing so, the gun chronos 630fps consitently with .2g bb's. The gas I used was propane, but I checked it also with green gas and it was the same. It used to chrono around 500fps before doing this. I then tried the same thing but adjusted it the opposite way and was able to drastically reduce power (This could be useful for people with a low field limit). If someone else could test this and verify it, I would appriciate it. I think it would be a good piece of info for all kj m700 owners, or future owners." - Sulfuric_t2, Airsoft Retreat Forums ::Instructions:: - Take out your bolt as the manual shows. - Flip it over and you will see two small screws (flat head). - Remove these and the front part of the bolt will remove (part with the nossle on it). - Next located the small allen screw on the bottom of the hammer (in back of bolt on bottom). - Loosen the allen or even take it all the way out (just ot be safe so no pressure on the rod). - Next you will see a rod sticking out the front of the bolt where the piece with the nossle came off. There is a sloted head on this rod. turn it clock wise untill it stops. This is the maximum power position (for me 560fps). - Now if you turn it counter clockwise, it will decrease the power. I found that no more than 2 full turns should be done (at this position gun shoots 280ish and if you go more, the gun will not fire anymore for lack of spring tension). When pick where you want it to be, put the allen screw back in and make sure its snug, then reassemble the bolt the way you took it apart. Put back in gun and have fun. Oh yeah, make sure that all the parts in there have some oil on them and move freely. There you have it, this should make it possible for you to make it under whatever field limit you may have in your area. For me I tune it to shoot just a little under 400 with propane and green gas. Just make sure before you chrono at your field of choice, fire the gun maybe twice before chronoing because on the gas sniper rifles, the first shot or two may have a higher fps than the bulk of your shots. Hope this works for all you as well as it worked for me."
  15. I will attempt to help your situation out the best I can. Lets take a look at the sling first and you may just need to get a drill bit and the good ol trusty cordless drill and drill the holes to a larger diameter that will fit your bolt size. I have not yet found a reason to take my rifle apart yet and I have only had it a week but I have not found a reason to take her apart and as for the scope I bought a cheap walmart special and some 6.00 weaver mounts to attach it. I wasn't abought to spend any more then 30.00 on my scope incase I dropped it or did something stupid. I hope I was able to help you out.
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