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  1. It's about how you play. He can just spray paint it black if he wants to.
  2. Is that kid behind you picking his nose? Nice pictures.
  3. Awesome. Yeah, post some more pictures, like all of the ones that you have.
  4. This is a review on the Airstrike 240, spring pistol. This is my first review so don't yell at me. -- Bored, I went down to my local airsoft supplier and bought an airstrike 240. The total price was 20$. It came with one 15 round magazine, and about a half of an inch orange tip, a pop-up target, and about 10 targets. Info I opened it from its package and without the mag, it feels very light. I put in the mag, and it added about 1 pound. The gun with the mag in is about 2 1/2 pounds. The front is extremely light with the mag in, and with the mag out, because all of the weight is mainly in the back. The mag only held 15 BB's, which I was a little disapointed, although I thought the FPS should make up for it. It was very easy to :censored2:, I had to use almost no strength. I don't recommened using it in a huge battle with 50 people. Internals To open it up there is a small metal peice, that gets turned, pushed in, and then pops out, which allows the top of the gun to come off. It was organized and no parts or peices fell out, at all. I liked how the guns top was contracted together so nothing would come off, just like the real gun. Almost all of the inside is hard plastic, I was expecting it to be metal or aluminum, it didn't bother me that much. There's not much about the internals of this gun, its small and compacted together, I guess that's because it's a springer. FPS I cocked the gun, aimed, and fired. With a muzzling 225 FPS and shooting 3/4 straight, I liked this gun. The BB's going exactly where I wanted them to, made me even like it more. I wasn't expecting it to be this nice, because it's a 20$ springer. Looks This gun looks like a real gun. Take it out into the street and some one will probely call the cops. It's called the Airstrike 240, but it's a model of the berreta. It's almost all aluminum, except for the inside and the black modeled plastic. The details are nice, and it's a 1:1 scale model of the real berreta. Tests 40 feet away from can - shot right through it 60 feet away from can - went through the first layer of metal 80 feet away from can - dented it 100 feet away from can - almost hit it, but didn't Pain This gun hurts, but not like a 400 FPS gun. It can break skin from 25 feet, but not 60. It's nice, but not nice enough to break your skin from 60 feet away. Speed It can hit your target at 80 feet, but not 100. You'll be able to really feel it at 60 feet, but barely feel it at 80. Like I said above, it's nice, but not nice enough to break your skin from 60 feet away. Overview If you're looking for a nice, cheap, springer pistol, I recommened that you get this gun. It's overall nice, cool, sleek, and fast. I really liked it. Pictures
  5. Are you sure your username is that? Because my username is different than Pwnage. And you can't use your display name to login.
  6. I recommened you do a little research. 1. Yes, electric guns use batteries, recharchable. 2. Electric guns are way better than springers (except for high quality snipers). 3. Electric airsoft guns are called AEG's, Automatic Electric Gun. 4. You don't have to replace the battery alot, you charge it over night and it lasts all day. 5. They have alot more FPS than springers (except for high quality snipers). 6. FPS = Feet Per Second. 7. Average AEG's have 350 FPS. Better quality/upgraded AEG's have 400-450 FPS. 8. Do research 9. AEG's are overall better than springers (except for snipers).
  7. It's both. But it's mostly all about your skills, and how you play. But, if you don't have a good gun, you can't be good.
  8. Lacek2700

    Good Gun

    Get the UTG AK-47 from shortyusa.com. If you're looking for more of an MP5 style I suggest the UTG MP5. Or if you want more of an M4 style get the Panther Arms A-15. You can look at all of these guns at ShortyUsa.com under the Electric Guns section.
  9. Go to shortyusa.com. They have virtually every kind of mag you can think of. Click here and then click mags. To see all of their mags, scroll down to the bottom and click "Show All."
  10. Lacek2700

    Stinger R34

    Get the UTG. And why would he want to :censored2: the gun every time he wants to shoot? Just get the UTG MP5 and put it on semi if you want.
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