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  1. Hey im looking for a canon 50mm 1.8 lens, if you got it let me know, I got plenty of guns and gear I could trade for it.
  2. Hey guys I have a We G39c with a scoped carry handle, 2 magazines, suppressor, I am looking to trade it for a Ps3, the value of my gun is around 360 so I will do a straight up trade for a PS3, I prefer a PS3 slim.
  3. Well I am using an Echo 1 P90 Highcap.
  4. Hmm, really? Ok I will look around for a spring and I will look into that sector chip, however I got a question, what does the sector chip do?
  5. Got bored so I put an m120 in it and it feeds perfectly and fires almost just as fast, so I am assuming it was the spring, but I need to solve the issue of why it doesnt feed on my other spring.
  6. Hi guys, I have a problem with my P90. Its an Echo 1 P90, its been upgraded with G&P M120 High Speed Motor, CA Gears, Reshimmed, CA reinforced piston, bearing spring guide and m100, I am also running a 9.6v 1400 Intellect battery. It doesn't feed or once in a while it will feed a burst then stop feeding again. It does shoot very fast so I am wondering if maybe its the tappet plate being too weak. Ive also had a friend tell me that if the springs to weak it will not cycle fast enough to get the bb but I doubt thats the issue. I am chronoing at 325-330 FPS. Please help me out here, its always problem after problem with this gun lol. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, ive honestly looked at about 15 different airsoft retailers websites looking for the KWA Mp7 Long mags and I cant find them at all! Does anybody know where they have them in stock? If you do please pm me(lol so that way I get first dibs).
  8. Honestly, Its not worth it, if your budget is 100 for the gun and 100 for upgrades, I say you get a KWA m11 NS2, extra mag and propane adapter and that should be around 200 bucks with free shipping from most airsoft stores. Not to mention it fits the bill for a small compact gun. Aeps just aren't very satisfying, I recently bought a TM G18c Aep and while it performs well, I would rather use my Kwa GBB unless its too cold. But anyways its also not worth it to spend that much on such a low quality gun. Thats My .02
  9. Its not that I cant afford to buy a new set, its just that I cant find them in stock anywhere stateside, so I figure I'll have to run the stock ones till the US retailers get the steel arms back in stock.
  10. I am thinking of buying one also but got a quick question, how easy do the charging arms break?
  11. Been done already, the eyeclops night vision monoculars that they sell at walmart use this exact same setup, how do I know? I bought one and converted into a night vision scope for indoors. Save your self some time and money and go and buy that to use as a base, its only $50. Eyeclops
  12. Airsoft Gi's walkin store is pretty cool, but that guy tim is kinda, idk, annoying sometimes, he trys to act badass but ends up looking dumb, one time I was at the store and he was holding the tm mac 10 and pretending to shoot it and was shaking it and making gun sounds, so um, ya lol. But as someone said before me, I prefer steellhawk although they don't have near as good as a selection as airsoft gi.
  13. You know what, I am having the same problem, I just ordered a product on friday and its still in "processing" status.
  14. Its definitely not necessary but ive been playing airsoft for 5 years now and I cant imagine not being geared out and having my gun accessorized. As far as function, tactical vests do help to make playing airsoft alot easier, theres a reason that every military force in the world uses some sort of gear, carrying magazines in your pockets just isnt very efficient. Also, I think everybody has felt this at one time or another but what got me into gearing out was the first time I went to an airsoft field, I thought I was looking cool with my cheap UTG tacvest and some woodland bdus, then I show up and saw a bunch of guys looking like ghost recon and I totally just felt like crap. Thats when I started looking around and got some real gear lke TT, SDS, etc. So maybe for some like me, gearing out initially was to not look Newbie, but trust me, after you start collecting gear, its really fun and addicting. To be honest, half the time I have more fun looking for gear or trying different loudouts than looking for a new gun. But thats just me, lol. And as others have said before me, when you have the money and you really get into airsoft, trust me, the gearwhore bugs going to get you too.
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