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  1. I have no idea why you posted this thread twice, or whether it was even intentional, but I deleted the other thread.
  2. You know what, I see your point. I was thinking more of a weapon which would be small, easy to carry and easy to maneuver with, not overall versatility. I think in this I would have to favor the M4. It is a very common platform thus many different types of accessories are available thus you can customize it to your specific needs, it is relatively small so it can be used successfully in close quarters situations and still can compete with larger airsoft replicas as far as accuracy goes.
  3. Quite frankly, the most versitile airsoft weapon, which you just have to admit, is a pistol such as the Glock 26; it's tiny how can you argue with that? Besides pistols however, I would have to go with the MP7, or perhaps the P90; though the P90 is rather 'chunky' for lack of a better term. I say MP7.
  4. I am going to close this for various reasons, but mainly because it serves no purpose, will (and already has) lead to flaming and some in the conversation seem to be acting rather immaturely.
  5. Though an arguement can often be productive and educational, this one is leading this thread way off topic. If anyone posts a response concerning this arguement I will close the thread.
  6. The last one..... BRAVO!
  7. All you need to do is wrap e tape around the barrel in about 3-4 different places. Each of these 'places' will be only as wide as the e tape, and keep wrapping the tape around to make it thick enough to slide snuggly into the outer barrel. If that wasn't clear enough I can find you a picture..
  8. I see; atleast you and others will know what I plan to do with my ghillie suit.
  9. If your post is directed to me, I'll have you know that I have only just started this ghillie suit, and have yet to get into the process of adding anything by the burlap. When I get to that point, I intend to use elastic rather than stirrups or thumb loops. I plan to sew wide straps of elastic to the inside of the thighs, calfs, wrists, forearms, upper arms and around the chest and stomach. This method will provide a tight and comfortable fit without extra loop of cloth (nylon) you have to worry about getting ripped and snagged.
  10. Indeed you're absolutely right! Unfortunately I haven't been able to get my hands on some brulap in that color, nor have I had success with dye.
  11. Alright here is my work in progress ghillie suit.
  12. You mean you don't enjoy being wet, muddy and smelly, having to peel off a ghillie suit at the end of the day only to find a couple ticks and spiders on you? I just don't understand people like you. [\sarcasm]
  13. How much did it cost you, and where precisely did you get it? When I was look for my nets, I looked everywhere but there, too bad I didn't ask around here first.
  14. Well I would love to join you, however unfortunately I have been out of the airsoft mindset for quite some time. Right now a have a ghillie suit waiting to be finished, only have about 20 hours into it; and I also have a VSR waiting to be reassembled. With the WASL (stupid test) coming up I doubt I will be able to get my act together with airsoft for a few more months now. Do not worry however I am sure we will be able to play as a team some time this summer after school is out. For now I will not continue my sob-story of how my airsoft hobby has gone down the drain. The ghillie suit I am making now is actually more of a grassland oriented coloration; I am doing this because I noticed that the woodland colored suits I have used always appear too dark, and for a sniper dark spots are bad things. I am somewhat getting my inspiration of colors from multicam, however with a little more 'brown sugar' color and less light tan, with a mix of dark green and dark brown in there. I will get some pictures up tomorow. Lastly, I suddenly became curious but a few moments ago as to what type of netting you use (if any) for you ghillie suit; so what do you use?
  15. You know Chris, most of those pictures look like they were taken in my backyard; and now that I see that ghillie suit I understand why I have yet to meet you at any airsoft games. I am working on making a new ghillie suit, one of these days I will be able to get it up.
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