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  1. Since the boards are "new" again, and it's really been a while (years!) since there has been any activity, I thought I'd inquire if there was anything going on in the Augusta area. I've been out of the game for over ten years, and due to a knee injury I doubt I'll ever really be able to play much anymore, but I've got a fair amount of experience in terms of tactics, scenario creation, training, fire discipline, and CQ. I was wondering if there were any groups in the Augusta area who might want to set up training sessions...
  2. Hello! I used to be fairly active in the game in the Augusta area, and then later in the now-defunct South Carolina Airsoft Association (SCAA) playing a few events in the Midlands and Upstate. After having been out of the sport for the last three or four years, I am looking to get back into it (and getting back into shape for it as well!) but haven't had much luck finding any players or groups in the Middle Georgia area. Dublin's about halfway between Atlanta and Savannah, but those are too far for me to travel to regularly. I have (due to my job, and other concerns) an operating radius of about 60-70 miles, meaning that Macon, Cordele, Statesboro, Milledgeville, Hazlehurst, etc are about at the edge of my travel area. I'd really like to get back into a group, preferably one where I could pass along some experience, do a little teaching and training, and event/op design and planning. I have some experience in setting up CQC and MOUT events, as well as radio communications, squad-level tactics, and weapons training experience. I'd also like to get with a fairly decent gunsmith, as I'm having some issues with my batteries and electrical connections in my AEGs. I'd like to hear from groups in the area, to see what's out there. Please feel free to email or message me. Thanks!
  3. Any word on fields, teams, groups around Warner Robins, Macon, Milledgeville, Dublin, Savannah? I've been out of the game for a while, and am looking to get back in... Thanks
  4. Wow... Those are great! Not exactly what I was looking for, but dang... Those are really great! Thanks, Cyric!
  5. Yes, I'm sure I can't figure out what brand they are, because I've already turned them inside out and looked for tags...
  6. They could be "Blackjack" or they could be "Essential Gear" or they could be "Mojo". Those are the three brands I have seen of armored gloves. I thought that UTG made some, since I've seen that they do make some tactical gear, but I haven't seen any gloves by them. A quick search of the net doesn't find homepages for any of those brands, though. Thanks!
  7. Because I want tan ones. Money doesn't have a "waist". That's where your belt goes. Do you know where to find tan armored gloves, or not?
  8. Thanks for those suggestions, but that's not what I want. If you paint the ABS plastic that the armor is made of, it will peel or wear away. There is no way to stop it. On top of that you have the black glove that its attached to, and that stays black. I'm looking for tan gloves with tan armor. While I appreciate the suggestion to paint gloves, that's not an acceptable solution for me. I can't believe that nobody out here knows where to find Tan gloves.
  9. I have two pair of armored gloves. One is the standard black glove, and the other is an OD green version of the same glove. These are the ones I have: I have not been able to find these gloves in any shade of brown or tan whatsoever. Has anyone seen anything like this, and if so, where? I need a set to round out my desert kit~! Thanks
  10. ALL goggles with lenses fog up. It is a function of the humidity in the air, the heat of your face, and the temperature differential between the air trapped inside the goggles, and the outside air. If you want goggles that don't fog up, I recommend mesh goggles. I also suggest trying them on with your glasses, to make sure the sides of the faceplate don't interfere with the earpieces of your glasses. The only way to make certain is to just keep trying them until you find one you like. I wish there were a better answer, but this is it, in my experience.
  11. I've been in the business for a while, and I can tell you from experience that embroidery is EXPENSIVE~! So, I found a much lower-cost alternative. And the minimum quantity is one. You can go here: www.customteampatch.com and have anything you want made, for a fair price. HTH
  12. Those are nice, but wouldn't you really rather have a CUSTOM MADE patch with your own design on it? Here is a place where you can get custom patches made.
  13. For what its worth, I can produce (in any quantity from one to a thousand) custom patches with whatever logos are chosen. I am willing to do this at below-retail cost, as my contribution to the forum. That means that the only price for these patches will be exactly what it costs to manufacture them.
  14. Primary - CA-G36c - 3 Hicap mags - TSI Nylon Sling with quietsnaps Sidearm - JLS Electric P-226 - 1 extra mag - 4 spare AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries - UTG Dropleg holster BDU / Clothing / Safety - British Soldier '95 DPM trousers and blouse (Desert and Temperate green) - Maroon Beret - Bates M-9 Enforcer Ultralight Boots - PASGT-replica helmet with British DPM cover - Wire Mesh full-face mask - Rhino Full-finger armored tactical gloves - Custom made blaze orange helmet crown cover for dead-rag Tactical Gear - British Mk-IX Flak vest with custom pouches for spare mags, radio and BBs What's on that piece of gear: - Two lower pouches front of vest for 1 mag each. - Lower pouch for custom spare BB canister holding 1000 BBs. - Left chest pouch for binoculars and other misc gear - Right chest pouch for radio - Right-thigh trouser pocket custom modified for dump pouch Custom patches made by Lancer Enterprises
  15. Try the South Carolina Airsoft Association. They have a fairly decent amount of players in the Cola area. www.scairsoft.com
  16. Actually, they *aren't* illegal. You can have one custom made to say whatever it is that you want, and include the word "AIRSOFT" on it somewhere, if it makes you feel better. Not to throw out a shameless self-plug here (okay, I am throwing out a shameless self-plug!) I did a SWAT patch for a guy in California last year, and it looked pretty cool if you ask me. He was happy with it, at least. Here's a pic of the one I did:
  17. Sorry to necropost, but I simply cannot find the info I am looking for. I read recently, within the last six months, about a group of guys somewhere in Georgia, who play at an abandoned mill, or factory. Apparently, this is a regular venue, there have been photos posted, and it is supposed to be a good site to play. If anyone has any information about this, or can identify the site I am seeking information about, please send me an email, ASAP. Thanks!!
  18. To make the defense contractors that supply it a little richer? I understand the soldiers themselves call it "THEY SEE YOU".
  19. I have been looking around the net for various hands-free headsets for my radio, and after the purchase of six different headsets that don't work, I am starting to suspect that it is the radio and not the headset that is the problem... Can anyone suggest or recommend some field-tested combinations of headsets (NOT throat mics) that work with various radios? This means you have personal experience with the radio and headset and know that it works for two-way communication with both your hands on your weapon. I have a Cobra MicroTalk PR-3850 radio, and several headsets ranging from Motorola to Cobra, to Uniden, and a couple of cell phone headsets, and not one of them allows me to transmit voice under any conditions, and only one of them (a generic cell phone headset) lets me hear anything. I would not recommend this radio to anyone. But I would like to hear of a FRS/GMRS radio that can work with other FRS/GMRS radios, and only those that will take a hands-free headset. Thanks
  20. Your best bet is to go somewhere to try any footwear on before you buy it. I have a similar foot to yours, in that I wear an EEEE (that's right, four E) shoe. In different dress shoes, I wear different sizes. In Rockport a 10.5, in Bass an 11, in Florsheim a 10. As for boots, I have a pair of Belleville 10.5 EE that fit me really well. I was looking at a set of Altamas, but they didn't have them in the desert tan, in an 11Wide, which is what I needed. The black ones fit perfectly at that size, but the Bellevilles fit better in the 10.5 EE. The only way you'll get boots that fit, is to go and try them on, because each company uses a different last to make them. (Last is the name of the foot-shaped form that shoes are built around). Sorry this wasn't much help, but when dealing with your feet, take no chances, get the very best, most comfortable ones you can. Anyone that tells you that you have to "break them in" for them to feel right, is full of baloney. Every shoe should fit perfectly and be perfectly comfortable the very first time you put it on your foot. Good luck!
  21. And you think wrong. BDU = Battle Dress Uniform. Formerly known as "fatigues" ACU = Army Combat Uniform. Formerly known as "BDUs" HTH.
  22. Thanks a lot! I'll go check them out. I really appreciate that you took the time...
  23. Nice link, but I'll go with the guys at Coronado. 9+ years worth. Thanks for writing.
  24. as a retailer? Their website is: StrikeZone Airsoft I'm looking at making a purchase or two from these people, and I can't seem to find much information from satisfied or dissatisfied customers. If anyone has bought from them, I would like to hear about your experience, good or bad. Thanks!
  25. as a retailer? Their website is: StrikeZone Airsoft I'm looking at making a purchase or two from these people, and I can't seem to find much information from satisfied or dissatisfied customers. If anyone has bought from them, I would like to hear about your experience, good or bad. Thanks!
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