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  1. Get a pistol, with the FL heat you'll be shooting over 300 most of the year and there are a number of good pistols in that price range. Jump over to the gas gun section for more info.
  2. I can get a better picture by the end of the day. But all your doing is cutting the bottom half off.
  3. Yes. Anything that shoots at TM stock and above you'll be better off using .25g bbs. Under 40 or so feet the bb will be traveling slower but the heavier bb will retain power longer and travel father and faster after so far. If you have an arnies account they have a great sticky about this.
  4. I can second the use of black bbs. You get an accurate gun that you can zero in using a scope of some sort using white bbs. Then use black bbs in game. I'll do this some times during day games where the white really stands out. I've also seen someone mix a bag of white and black to get a tracer like effect.
  5. And plus the CA M14 line is still pretty new. So their longevity isn't known as well as the TM M14.
  6. blackhand


    Practice practice practice. It might feel odd at first but after you spend an afternoon reloading in different positions you'll feel fine.
  7. Both. It's a bullpup so it can really do both if you wanted to. Depending on how you play and what/if any upgrades you give it, you can have either. I use mine in a more of a DM role. I like to take my time with my shots.
  8. It looks like you guys were to quick to pin a very sloppy looking thread. Take no offence though. It's very informative but it should be cleaned up a lot. Adding a table of contents and formating the paragraphs and such. I can do if it you want, it would only take a few minutes.
  9. Wow it's good to be back. Well my story isn't really that impressive. 'blackhand' is/has been my gamer tag for a long time. Unless I'm playing an MMO you will see blackhand with the possiblilities of some extra numbers tacted on. I pickd it mainly because I just thought it was a cool name. IIRC it was some Russian assasination group in the early 1900's. Plus I am black so it was just a good match. Also I'd never seen a name like that so I knew it would stick out from all the generic names out there.
  10. I'd say search around the Gas gun forum if you are seriouly intrested in the gas smg. But for a side arm for a P-90 which is an SMG IIRC, you probably would be better off with a gas pistol.
  11. For me, it's all about a gun that let's me execute what I have in my mind. If I know that I should be able to hit someone at 60 feet and the gun misses I'll be let down. So it's all about the gun keeping up with me. So far the TM Aug is doing just fine with my play style. But I'm always on the look out for a gun that I think can get even closer to my limit. Hence me recently seriously looking at the M14 Socom/Scout.
  12. I think that's a great write up. Though some pictures would help I think.
  13. But if you guys are just staring out and that price range is on all the guns you play with that UTG shotgun will do fine. As long as you treat it right it will shot great. Hint use .2 bb's instead of .12 it will be a lot more accurate.
  14. Well the gearbox is the same as the full sized CA m14 which is based off of the G&P (or was it G&G can't remember off hand) gearbox. From what I've read it fixed many of the problems of the older version. While the inner barrel length should be around 420mm but I'm sure you could get a 440 since that flash hider is really long.
  15. Using heavier bbs still won't work since they are being shot at the same joul rate. I've seen the systema M100 recorded at about 350+ on a couple of spring charts. So that seems normal. Just cut a coil or two off and you should be set. That's what I did to bring mine under 350.
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