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    Mililani, Hawaii
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    Jesus, airsoft, aircraft, computers, BF2 modding and playing, video games. I want to be a pilot!! F/A-22 baby!

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    TM Heckler und Koch Gewher 36 Compact. KSC Heckler und Koch Universelle Selbstlade Pistole .45 (Black) Heheh I love saying their full names
  1. _maverick_


    Nope, never use any bbs from walmart. (unless of course you're using a 10 dollar springer that's not worth 2 pieces of poop on feces's clothing) Like Kanister said, Exel is a nice brand :)
  2. Dibs on 2 USP mags. Pm sent Also still waiting for those pics
  3. Yeah all the fields except for AAA requires a full face mask.
  4. Yup, as long as it says Tokyo Marui it's the same. The 'H&K' is the name of the gun company that makes the real steel G36C.
  5. Because posts don't count here in the buy/sell forum.
  6. One of the coolest guns I've ever seen! I think I officially hate you now. Good work man! P.S. you mind if I come over to your house tonight and steal all your airsoft goodies?
  7. _maverick_

    Which Gun?

    I personally would go for the shorter barrel.
  8. Yeah hakama's are very comfortable, I wear one all the time for kendo.
  9. The CA8 looks cool. I'm going to be receiving a K carry handle soon so I'm going to try your scope mount mod. Hopefully it comes out good. Oh btw how's WGC's shipping? I heard some people saying that their shipping prices are ridiculously high.
  10. Nice stuff as always n00btard. That mp7k reminds me of a regular to one of our local field's gun. It looks almost exactly the same except yours has a vertical grip and his doesn't. Nice K, it looks better with those rails on rather then the ones you had on it in previous pics. I know how you feel trying to make decisions like that.. I'm trying to decide if I should get that conversion kit... or a K length RAS...... or a chest rig... or start saving for another gun..... If I was you, I would go for the HK416. Even though it's an armalite, it's still a thing of beauty (as long as you get some mag pull style rail covers for it).
  11. haha ditto. it was very... interesting to say the least. I've seen this video posted on two forums now, and it's funny how the reactions are totally different. On this forum most people seem to think it's funny but on the other forum everyone thought it was plane weird.
  12. I have a friend that is HIGHLY interested in the 551! PMed!!
  13. Awesome looking gun man, free bump
  14. Great guide Kryptic, I tookdown my C for the first time today. Just waiting for the V.3 gear box guide. I want to be able to install stuff myself so I don't have to pay other people to do it for me. BTW that little grey piece is the bolt release, but for the airsoft version it's purely cosmetic.
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