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  1. Isn't PDI usually a better brand than Prom? I know this is one of their budget barrels, but even so. Wouldn't accuracy be improved with a 6.01 (especially if I am buying quality bb's)? I'm planning (at this point), on focusing on accuracy first. 550 FPS doesn't mean much if you can't hit anything. I'm used to some pretty obscene accuracy with my M14, I'm hoping I can do better.
  2. I'm considering ordering one of these for my Sig 552. It's been a while since I've seen a product like this.
  3. This is actually a dual-purpose thread. My little brother expressed interest in getting an airsoft sniper rifle (he's only interested in a bolt-action rifle), so I told him I'd do some research. After looking at the JG Bar-10 it seemed like a decent rifle for him, and perhaps a decent platform for me to build myself one. However, I don't have any experience with such rifles so I thought I'd ask a few questions here. Here's what I'm looking at ordering for myself in the next day or two: JG Bar-10 package w/ scope Raven (PDI) TB (6.01mm) Some BB's, but I'm not sure what brand to buy or what weight to go with. Typically I use .28's in my M14, so I'll probably get some .30's and maybe try some of the Javelin's. Will pretty much anything work in that TB, or do I need to only buy the really expensive bb's? Is there anything I'm missing? Are there any parts that I should be upgrading right off the bat? Something like this (ff buckin)? I can afford to put some money into this gun if necessary, though I would prefer to take some time playing with it before sinking too much into it (to make sure I like the sniper role). However, is the gun decent enough stock to be skirmishable without any problems? My little brother might put out for a tightbore, but I doubt he'll be willing to spend too much on other parts. Are there any better choices in the same general price range for a gun that would be mostly left stock? I hear the Echo M28 is a possibility, but I haven't heard much about it from any reliable sources. Thanks, Mike
  4. a-8 b-2 c-4 d-10 Melancholy / Choleric That's pretty much right. There were a few that I struggled on, but they probably would have been a's rather than b's or c's.
  5. Hey guys, I've been thinking of picking up some actual ESS Turbofans, but the near $200 price tag is the reason why I haven't so far. I can across these the other day. Does anyone have any experience with them? Specifically, I'd like to know: 1. Build quality of the frame 2. Will actual ESS lenses work? 3. How loud is the fan? 4. Do they prevent fogging well? Thanks
  6. I finally had to step down as an administrator after the constant stress started getting to me. I would work all day, go to school at night, and then come home to find an ASF inbox full of reports. The irritating thing was that half of these so-called crises that seemed to pop up once a week were just middle-school level drama. But honestly, I always hated banning people or giving out warnings. I usually try to go with my gut feeling. If I'm sure that someone is starting drama to get a rise out of me (believe it or not, there are members that try this kinda crap, I have a whole list of names), then I'll slap a heavy suspension on w/o a second though. But if think it was an honest mistake I'm probably not going to do anything but send a PM letting them know about the rule. And last I checked, threads that bashed other forums were not allowed. Ditto on member bashing. If there's a issue to be resolved, it can be done in private. I used to delete threads like that.
  7. Well, as you can see, we got the pictures up last night. The gun was shooting fairly accurately, the reason there are two large holes in each target is because there were two people shooting.
  8. I just got to see it and shoot it a few minutes ago. Guys, I'm impressed. We'll get some pictures up early next week.
  9. In my experience, an Mp5 does not stand up to M4's and Ak's for distance and accuracy, most of the time. And those genre's of guns are what you will most commonly be up against in woodland games.
  10. I doubt that will be a problem. As that is the case with many large regional games. I'm sure as soon as they get standard bb's perfected they'll be ready to move on to the next kind. Bio bb's and Glow in the dark bb's would make sense as a next step. I've put these through my guns with no problems whatsoever, and have noticed no accuracy differences between these and regular bb's. I'm still waiting on some .28's, so I can run them through my M14, once I test them I'll post again. For snipers, this should be a big thing. Heavy bb's are already expensive. $15 for 2000 is nothing compared to what a package of .3x + costs. I bought a bag of 4000 .28's in late 2007, I only had to pick up another bag in late August 08. Most of the people I see griping locally about how it "takes the honor out of it", are the known, and habitual, cheaters. I'll stand by that as well. Unless you can provide some proof that these projectiles exist, then do not bring them up again.
  11. Closed. #1, you are not selling anything. By your own admission you have no actual product at this point. #2, you are not an ASF sponsor, therefore you cannot advertise in this manner.
  12. I put some through a TM Sig 552 a while back. No noticeable difference in accuracy between these and normal bb's.
  13. I've known both of these guys since I basically got started in airsoft. What this is, is a local argument that has spread over to an argument over these bb's.
  14. Been wondering when you were going to implement this.
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