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  1. Ukrainian Berkut Moar Russian stuff
  2. I have 7 Russian kits currently (I got some more stuff in since the last picture!)
  3. And more. Afghan National Army African post Rhodesian Bush war Merc Syrian group pic
  4. I will update this a tid bit with some of my other kits. "Russian in the Crimea" MVDish Russian Flec D kit ISIS/Afghan fighter
  5. Yes I know some of the stuff is not 100%, I try to keep the farbism's to the minimum though it does happen. People often forget that this is airsoft. I'm not into doing US/Nato kits. It's fun to actually look the part. 1. Bulgarian Border Guard/ Paratrooper. 2. Libyan Rebel/Govt fighter from the recent Civil war. 3. Iraqi Republican Guard 4. Iraqi Republican Guard two. 5. Syrian Army 6. Heer (Western Front) 7. PLA 8. Heer (Eastern Front) 9. DDR Sorry GDR stitch freaks I know how angry it makes you. 10.Generic Modern Russian
  6. I Used my 43 K98 and 44 1895 Nagant as well as my AGM MG42 on an AA tripod. Team mate used a bafong MP40. Incase anyone is wondering we were cleared to use the blanks and all that jazz. Also sorry for the camera angle. My Contours lens is kinda turned on the inside facing right....
  7. On a real MG34 there is a small gap between the stock and the body. Having handled a real steel version I can give you that input.
  8. Make a video review of the MG42 and post pictures with the sights up and not in the down position. Can you also post a clear picture of the bipod release. I can't tell from the pictures If I will be able to install a real 42 bipod on it. If you guys can do that I will buy this asap.
  9. Take a gander at this ebay seller http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/sch/youchunhe2008/m.ht...ipg=&_from= It will cost a bit more than a 100 but you will end up looking good. I would avoid chicom stuff, you can pick up an old ww2 pouch kit or chest rig for really cheap. Post pictures when you are done!
  10. Get good communication gear. Head sets and throat mics, you will be able to communicate better in that jungle grass. If you want to get really crazy get some Garmin GPS radios. Or get the android/iphone app's with Battle Traxs. IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) See above post or come up with code word. For example you would say "Balls" your team mates would say "Deep" Train more so you get to know where everyone will be In a skirmish line or another type of position. Always remember though friendly fire will always happen. No avoiding it.
  11. Closest field would be UBG in Bourne MA. I don't really know of anything on the Islands. However the ferrys are frequent.
  12. Haha Indeed. Well It's not really a traditional sniper kit, however I have a "Homs Sniper kit for my SAA loadout" Figured I would also update with a new video.
  13. I'm going to assume that is a Marui Spas? If so I really hope you did not pay over 1000 for it......
  14. I think there is about 2 feet on the ground now and in the next week we are supposed to get another 1-2 feet. Still driving my hybrid around.......good times.
  15. 15 or so years of having exposed 12 grams in airsoft and paintball environments have never had any of them discharge or go off. Never heard of it happening or seen it. You will be fine. Shotgun loops work great!
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