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  1. I don't understand all this personal army mumbo-jumbo, whats up with this jakCarver1?
  2. That was a domestic issue, has nothing to do with why ACM companies were shut down in China.
  3. Unless Im mistaken, the size of a CIRAS refers to the size of the plates it holds, not so much the person it will fit.
  4. I have a few questions. First, where will this game be held? What are the velocity restrictions? And are the coalition forces required to use ARs?
  5. Black ALWAYS stands out. Even during the night.
  6. If your looking for whats in the video, then we told you. Are you just trying to create a lightweight setup?
  7. It appears to be a battle belt and suspenders. Condor makes a cheap set.
  8. The RRV would probably work if you went without the admin panel.
  9. Thats the beauty of MOLLE, You purchase the pouches as you need them. So really, your storage options are really just limited by what types of MOLLE pouches are out there, and theres a lot of them. As for the holster, ALICE, MALICE or paracord are all potential options.
  10. Allright, I discovered that the rotation is actually coming from this silver piece that screws into the receiver. It rotates, causing the buffer tube(which slides over it) to rotate with it.
  11. Hey all, My G&G CQB-R experiences chronic rotation of the buffer tube. With only a little bit of force applied to the stock or tube itself the whole think rotates. The same thing happens to the sling attachment point. I have removed the entire tube and reattached taking care to assure that the large screw inside of it was tightened, as well as the castle nut. Is there something I'm missing to make it solid? Could it be that the whole rear end is just crappy and needs to be replaced? On a side note, what is the usual quality of stocks on G&Gs? I got this one used and I have always suspected that the seller swapped the stock to something inferior.
  12. I never said you were incorrect. I just think that you could have delivered your message in a somewhat kinder manner. I recall reading about the supposed security problems with EBairsoft a short time ago. Did I know what the actual situation was? No, and I'm sure I am not the only one. Regardless, I too would have brought to the OPs attention. The security warnings happen to coincide with the the OPs order. From the standpoint of somebody who wasn't aware of the actual nature of the problem, it seems pretty logical to assume that there could be a relationship between the two facts. But really, my second statement in this post sums up the reason I made my first post.
  13. To be completely honest with you, I couldn't care less about your explanation of what happened at the Ebairsoft site. I just think that you are being a little hostile towards other people who are trying to contribute to this thread. Next time just post the informative explanation first, and save the accusations of "maliciously spreading garbage" for those who really are.
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